Realme 6 pro

Realme 6 pro price in Pakistan and launch offers Realme 6 pro price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 54,999. This is for the base variant that comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Retail Price of Realme 6 pro in Pakistan is Rs. 54,999. Retail Price of Realme in USD is $410. …

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Easy Tips Making Your Magento Website User Friendly

Magento store or website is highly beneficial software for retailers to sell their products via online medium. It comes with enormous features that help in making an engaging shopping store for attracting visitors. Not just this, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that provides help to retailers in content handling and design. Owing to …

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Vivo Y30 128GB

NVivo Y30 128GB – A New Variant With Big Storage Vivo is looking to bring Y30 128GB the new variant with massive internal storage capacity. The specs of the handset look promising. The new smartphone is coming almost same specs except the internal storage capaciyt of the Vivo Y30 128GB. It will come with the latest operating …

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Oppo F15

Oppo F15 price in Pakistan Oppo F15 price in Pakistan is Rs. 44,999. Official dealers and warranty providers regulate the retail price of Oppo mobile products in official warranty. Price of Oppo F15 in Pakistan is Rs. 44,999. Price of Oppo in USD is $335. Oppo F15 – A Smartphone With A Powerful RAM Tech …

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra price in Pakistan and launch offers Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 229,999. This is for the base variant that comes with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Retail Price of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Pakistan is Rs. 229,999. Retail Price of Samsung in …

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Samsung has planned to announce its new GALAXY s5 on April 11, 2014 which is actually a successor of GALAXY s4. It is an expensive mobile. Its cost is about $650. Customers can pay its cost within 2 years by paying $27.09 each month. For this,they have to assign an agreement. In this way it …


iPhone 6: Is this leaked photo our first look at the next iPhone?

What is the difference between an earth quake and iPhone? Earthquake affects only those in the area. The volatility evaporates in minutes. iPhone, on the other hand, encompasses the whole world in its ambit and as for its volatility, it remains active till the next news about iPhone’s makes its appearance. Such being the case, …

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Keep a Regular Track on Daily Activities with Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden security cameras are nothing new in this age of modern technology as such smart devices  are used by the intelligence bureau when they go for sting operation to catch the culprits red handed. These are also used by the undercover agents to arrest the criminals indulge in black market crime. You live in an …

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MacBook Air 2013

When it first launched, the MacBook Air was the classiest, most portable laptop around, its aluminium casing making it stand out for weight and looks. It often drew gasps when people picked it up for the first time. Now, in a world of ultrabooks and tablets, it needs to prove itself all over again. The …

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Sony Xperia Z Review

At the beginning of this year, Sony revealed its new flagship phone – the Xperia Z in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. The phone is a culmination of Sony’s expertise in the fields of cameras, televisions and gaming devices. In this review, we’ll taking an in-depth look at each aspect of …

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KNG Andrew mp3 Player

This 40w “Space Invader” Plays music via 3.5mm or SD card and looks not-quite-actionable similar to an Android logo. Expect four hours until you are charging it back up via USB. Price: £30 |

Bladepad for iPhone 5

Stylish Apple accessory designed for gamers who like to play on-the-go. Includes low-latency gaming controller that slides out when needed with illuminated joysticks and buttons. Additional charging power cable allows you to charge your iPhone/iPad whilst playing so you won’t have to fear your battery’s demise. Price: £84 | Bladepad

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (DW Star rating: 4/5)

Love: Gorgeous clear screen,  light portable design and Touchwiz 4.0. Hate: Price, no HDMI or USB ports and poor sound performance. DW Says: Another fantastic Samsung tablet that surpasses its 10.1-inch compatriot (albeit with a bigger price tag) and is a great alternative to the new iPad. Price: £360 (16GB), £450 (32GB) I Samsung  

Polaroid Z2300

Inspired by Instagram loving social media addicts, the newest addition to Polaroid’s instant camera range comes with an integrated inkless ZINK technology allowing users to print snaps instantly. With a 10-megapixel image sensor and the capability to produce full colour 2 x 3-inch prints in under a minute, pictures can be viewed on a 3.0-inch …

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The move to quadcore processors isn’t limited to smartphones; it makes even more sense in tablets. Another Chinese dragon, ZTE is lining up a 10.1-inch Android tab with a 1.5GHz quadcore, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. A five-meg camera brings up the rear and the Android Army has a powerful new, Ice Cream …

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Loewe Air Speaker

Apple’s AirPlay functionality is great when it works, and purveyor of AV swank Loewe will surely make the most of it with its first AirPlay speaker. Two subwoofers assist with the pumping of 80 watts of audio, and a range of interchangeable colour and metallic inserts mean you can match the device to your decor. …

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Loewe Cinema set

Combining several tasty slices of hot, buttered Loewe home entertainment kit, the Cinema Set is a must for serious film buffs and audiophiles. It comprises a Loewe MediaVision 3D Blu-ray player with built-in iPod dock (pictured), a set of satellite speakers, compact 180W subwoofer and an Assist multi-control remote. Separately, they’re some of the nation’s …

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Union Folding Cycle

Folding bikes may be practical, but let’s face it: lugging one around on public transport is a pain. That’s why this stunning concept from Taiwanese design students Weiche Wu and Minhan Lin is so appealing. Rather than collapsing into a metal frame that magnetically attracts fellow commuters’ ankles, it folds down into an appealing Apple-white …

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SMK-Link wireless keyboard

A mini, gamepad-style controller that’s actually an office in disguise., the SMK-Link lets you hook up your full-fat computer to your big screen and work from the sofa. Laid-back productivity to out-power any tablet. Price: £45 Link: SMK-Link


You can’t seem to swing a cat this month without it smashing into something Windows 8-based, as Microsoft’s multi-format operating system breaks cover on October 26. Not to be outdone by its many tile-based rivals, HTC has a new Windows Phone 8 handset on the way, and very nice it is, too. The Qualcomm 1.5GHz …

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Huawei Ascend D2

After the P1 S and D Quad handsets made a good impression in 2012, Huawei has served up a quadcore smartphone with plenty to get excited about. Sporting a 5-inch Super Retina IPS display you can expect up to 1920 x 1080p resolution and 443 PPI for impressive levels of clarity. Running on Android 4.1, …

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Sony Bravia X9000A

This 65-inch slab of pure premium is the embodiment of Sony’s new design philosophy – a huge bezel-less sheet of glass with super-thin magnetic fluid speakers on either side. With an actual resolution of 3840 x 2160, this is the flagship for Sony’s 4K range boasting passive 3D, and upscaling is now some of the …

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Monster iSport Intensity

The in-ear headphones made for runners, joggers and treadmill frequenters allows ambient noise in without compromising the music from your MP3 player or smartphone making them ideal for running near busy roads or if you just want to ear wig on conversations in the gym. With a new ear-pipe design and tangle-free cord they will …

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Samsung Game Pad

Want to turn your Galaxy S4 into something not a billion miles away from a PS Vita? Try the Game Pad. Running on AA batteries, it connects via Bluetooth and offers gaming controls, visibly “infl uenced by” the Xbox, for 80 games at launch. Dual analogue sticks, shoulder triggers, a D-pad and four action buttons …

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Toshiba Portege Z10t

Tablet or laptop? Lablet? Taptop? Quit your arguing, guys: this Windows 8 Pro Toshiba is the latest hybrid device offering a bit of both. Rip the detachable, full-HD, 11.6-inch touchscreen tablet from the splash-resistant keyboard dock and input switches from backlit keys to ten-fi nger multi-touch accordingly. An Intel Core processor – precise model unconfirmed …

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Sony Cyber-shot HX50

Go on, take a closer look; this is the first compact camera to feature a 30x optical zoom. Not content with above-average eyesight, it also includes tech borrowed from Sony’s high-end RX range, including a 20.4-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor and Wi-Fi for uploading your long-lens shots of Prince Harry cavorting directly to social networks. …

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Asus B1M Projector

How can you make your PowerPoint presentation more impressive? One answer is star wipes, but for even greater classiness, there’s this wireless projector. It collects files straight from your network-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone and turns them into 51-inch images, with its LED light serving up 700 big lumens of brightness and a 1280×800 image …

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August 2013: BlackBerry Q5

Canada’s number one smartphone brand is back with another BB10 handset, this time aimed more at the budget-conscious market than the more luxurious Q10and Z10. The cute-looking Q5has a QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1-inch, 720×720 display, albeit LCD rather than AMOLED. Internals include a 1.2GHz dualcore processor, a meaty 2GB of RAM, a five-meg camera …

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Recon Instruments Jet

While Google Glass is wearable tech for the catwalk, Recon’s Android-based, outdoorsy rival, the Jet, has been built for wrestling alligators and then tweeting about it. A tiny HD display is located in the bottom right-hand corner and an HD camera is up front, while an accelerometer, thermometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and ANT+ for connecting …

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August 2013: iT7 x2

We’ve had headphones from legendary rappers and superstar DJs. Now it’s time for a pair from… a middlingly famous footballer. Namely, Ian Taylor. Yet unlike his previous effort, these new wireless cans are pretty good, boasting Bluetooth 4.0, Apt-X and NFC for tap-and-go connectivity with compatible gizmos. Throw in 22 hours of audio playback and …

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Eclipse Cordless Phone

It’s sad that with the explosion in popularity of mobile phones we’ll never really have a use for this uber-cool landline design. A sleek metal oval, the bottom portion serves as a charging dock for the cordless phone. Designer: Sebastien Sauvage

Concept of Digimo Camera

Capturing expertly shot scenic shots from all angles should be a breeze with this concept that combines multiple cameras which can be positioned anywhere to allow photographers to take snaps wirelessly from a distance. Designer: Sangik Lee

MacBook 2020

We know that the Cupertino company likes to refresh its MacBook line pretty much every year, but we may have to wait some time for one to turn up looking like this. This vision of the Mac future suggests a paper thin build, tactile feedback, 3D scanning and absolutely no wires.

ABC Keyboard

This all touchscreen keyboard can be customized to work with any language and can change colour if the glossy black finish isn’t really your colour. The ABC keyboard also caters for left handed typers and would have built-in memory to keep your docs, pictures and video easily accessible. Designer: Iaroslav Neliubov

Sensics Smart Goggles

Films like Tron are both evidence of our fascination with virtual reality and inspiration for companies likeSensics to keep chasing the VR pipe dream. Sensics’ 3D Smart Goggles look rather Tron-inspired, though they are very much in a prototype stage at the moment. The holes on the front are all cameras, capable of tracking head …

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D-Can Camera

Designer Jean-Michel Bonnemoy believes that modern camera designs are out-dated. Traditionally, camera form factors were dictated by the need to include a roll of film in the back. Nowadays that is obviously not the case, so why do cameras still retain a traditional form factor? The D-Can is cylindrical, designed for ergonomics and ease of …

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Nokia 1 Tablet

This Lumia-inspired Nokia tablet comes courtesy of Jonas Daehnert. This design opts to go with the controversial stylus, but there’s no denying that Windows 8 looks tailor-made for tablets and partnered with typically chic Nokia styling, this concept shows just how mouth-watering the prospect of a Nokia tablet is.

BlackBerry Blade

Assuming a beautiful quad-core phone would ever make it into the real world considering the latest news from RIM, we’d like to think that if BlackBerry changes its mind further down the line, the Blade could compete against the iPhones and Android phones of this world. A quad-core processor running at 1.5GHz, 4.5-inch AMOLED display …

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U-Transfer USB

The U Transfer lets you transfer files between USB sticks without the need of a PC. The USB drives slot together to transfer information, and the small touch screen on the device itself would presumably be used to select files and folders to trade between the memory sticks. Designer: Yiyan Cao

Gigaset Concept

First and foremost, the Gigaset is a phone, but it’s designed to clip onto your clothes, making the phone itself hands-free and removing the need for headphones or a Bluetooth headset. Unclip thephone and put it into the docking station, and it’ll automatically turn into a clock. Turn it on it’s side, and it becomes …

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Arc Mouse

If you still find the trackpad navigating experience on a notebook a frustrating one, the Arc Mouse that will grip onto surfaces will give you back traditional computer control. Made from soft materials, the Arc Mouse connects to a laptop or notebook via a receiver and an optical sensor in the mouse that can be …

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Volve Headphones

This set of Samsung VOLVE headphones does a great job of mixing antique styling with modern technology. Designer Andreas Konradsen says that these headphones are supposed to blur the boundaries between music and mind. I’m not sure what that means, but if that’s what got him to make these headphones, then I’m all for it. …

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NewerTech Voyager Q: An Excellent Hard Drive Docking Solution!

The Newertech “Voyager Q” will surely make an amazing addition to your Mac or desktop in case you frequently use multiple internal hard drives for backing up your data. This device supports both 3.5-inch as well as 2.5-inch SATA hard drives and is perfectly compatible with virtually all the possible external storage connectivity technologies. NewerTech …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC Google Play Edition

Galaxy S4 and HTC One special version of the ROM Stock Android (AOSP) is the official name. It will use the word “Google Play Edition” Hgaitgai depicts the “Nexus Experience” earlier (apparently announced a family of non-Nexus). Is the official price. Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. 649 dollars (£ 20,200). HTC Google One Play Edition. 599 dollars …

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Sony launches Xperia Z Ultra 6.4-inch screen with a pencil / pen plain.

At Mobile Asia Expo Today Sony launched the smart phone generation. There have been rumors that while the models Xperia Z Ultra giant screen in the Xperia series itself. Highlights of this release is a huge screen 6.4 “on FullHD resolution is only 6.5 mm thin (Sony claims that a smartphone screen FullHD perhaps the world …

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Sony launched Sony SmartWatch 2 waterproof and dust, a remote control, built-in smart phones.

In addition to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra launched. Sony has launched the Sony SmartWatch 2 features IP57 waterproof and dust standard 1.6-inch screen with a resolution of 220 × 176 pixels can be read outdoors.As for the battery itself.Available 7 days as long as possible (open-saving mode), and the general use of the machine is …

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