Your Apple iPhone is More than a James Bond Q Gadget

You are well aware of MI 6, the famous UK based intelligence agency chasing culprits through the heroic (and romantic) endeavors of its more than brilliant agent James Bond.
While several of us still love James Bond and its gadgets, the new generation has their own hero, none other than Apple. According to news and gossips, Apple’s iPhone 5s is capable of tracking your motions even after becoming dead.

Well, now this is the news! According to Reddit user Glarznak, Apple’s iPhone 5s tracks your movements even when its batteries are dead. Sharing his experience, impressed and terrified Galrznak said that his iPhone 5s was able to record his movements for four days on pedometer app. That simply means, when iPhone 5s is dead, it is not really dead and its motion sensors still work to record your movements.

Here comes the Apple chip M7, and when Phil Schiller, vice president launched iPhone 5s, he mentioned the chip that is able to collect data from accelerometer and gyroscope as these sensors are low energy and M7 chip can collect data from them using the 5% reserved energy away from the main CPU.

Less horrifying news is M7 is unable to track your location as it does not collect data from GPS unit. Data on M7 chip is encrypted and is removed after seven days. No built-in app of Apple can access this data. If you have to access this data you have to use third party developed apps.

Lastly, it is not by default that your movements are tracked by Apple; it is still in your hands that you opt for allowing apps to use motion data on your iPhone 5s.
Let us wait for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 7 with the ability to collect all the information even if you are not using iPhone for several days. Just carrying a shut down iPhone may help people to find you DEAD or ALIVE.

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