Five iPhone Apps that’ll Work like Your Helping-Hand

While researching for utility applications, we face the biggest problem of selection. There are more than 9 million applications registered in App Store. Some are paid and some are free. And, you cannot use each application by installing in your iOS device. Therefore, you should try to find a resource, which can make you aware with some finest utility applications. Noticeably, finding an application goes tough in absence of app discovery applications. In this post, you will find five most interesting utility applications. You can use these applications by installing in your iOS device.


Are you looking for an app, which can help you in turning your pictures into movies? If it is so then this app will steal the heart of your iPhone. You can share your movies via leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS. Apart from this, your social networking friends can comment on your movie. If you have used this application in past then you will be surprised after knowing that it has improvised. The latest update in the app developer is its scrolling feature. In addition, you can also customize your movie by using drag & drop, filter, and song selection features. Further, you can use InstaGram for adding more pictures in your movie and share the movie with your friends via SocialCam.



If you have ever needed any kind of help in completing your regular job such as submission of monthly electricity bills, telephone bills, and taxes then this app will certainly help you. It requires your few details such as your name, contact details, and banking details. With this app, you will be able to seek services for filing your regular bills, shifting your furniture, and finding a new house cleaner.



Sometimes, we face the issue of addiction of a certain app. It kills our valuable time and frustrates us in the end. But how you will react when you will know that there is an app which can help you in getting away from this situation. It is certain that many of you will shock after reading this that there is an app to kill your addiction of using iPhone apps. Let us cut the crap and get to point. AppCap is an application, which sets a limit for using your iPhone apps. You will not be able to use an app after exceeding the limit, assigned for that app.



In a simple way, this app records your personal interest in music and gets you the best out of iTunes. You will be able to share your recommendations with your friends. Moreover, you can also find the best music of your interest from iTunes library. There you will get lots of discographies to explore and download in your iTunes.


Tom Tom Texi

In short, it is a perfect app for seeking a taxi service in a quick manner. You just need to use your iPhone app to get a taxi at some selected terminals. Moreover, you can order the taxi service from your preferred drivers. So, it lets you get a customized taxi ride when you do not want to travel via your own car or public transport.

So, just check out these applications and install the required ones in your iPhone.

Tom Tom Taxi

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