Review Acer C7 Chromebook

ChromebookOn the rail end of last year (2555) Google has launched Chromebook (notebook running Chrome OS Google) of two new models, that is Samsung Chromebook uses the processor’s Exynos 5. on the ARM architecture and Acer C7 Chromebook running on Intel Celeron processor architecture is x86 (and later released an updated version to add RAM to the Acer C710 Chromebook and battery).

Both versions are available at affordable prices is USD 249 for Samsung Chromebook (selling very well is one of the Amazon) and $ 199 USD for Acer C7 Chromebook.Because the opportunity to buy two for the price is quite cheap. (With very new condition) and has been using it for a while. Write to the experience of use. And here is my review.

The machine

For the machine. Weighs approximately one kilogram of chips with a simple look at the Acer logo in the center of the lid and the Chrome logo.

Chrom Logo

The left hand side of the machine will have different connector. (From left to right: RJ-45 for Ethernet, VGA, HDMI and USB 2.0).

HDMI and USB 2.0

I have the right connections as well (from left to right: headphone and microphone, USB 2.0, 2 channels, connect the charger, slots for Kensington Lock).

lots for Kensington Lock

SD Card slot on the front with the left hand. Light and the right transition.

sd Card

On the back, it’s just the battery alone (which is one advantage was that. This battery can be changed).


I turn the machine on it. (Keyboard Thailand because I bought the sticker pasted on).



For some of you that might be felt. Why look of C7 Chromebook to feel familiar answer is that when the device is barely different from the Acer Aspire V5-171 is even less. Even the battery and charger are also used interchangeably. If I do not notice them at night. I took a turn.

The left hand side of the figure is C7 Chromebook Aspire V5-171 on the right.



The charger will do it. Used interchangeably throughout.


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