Samsugn Galaxy Note 3 Gear Plus Review

Atlast Samsung revealed its Note 3 in October. The latest Galaxy Note 3 comprises of much bigger and high resolution screen , powerful processor, 13 megapixel camera and it’s tricky stylus.  I think that, it is a good addition in samsung’s smart family.

Without wasting your any time lets move towards Its specs.

Specifications of Galaxy Note 3

Software:        Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Processor:       Quad-Core 2.3 Ghz Qualcommsnapdragon

Memory Slot:  Yes

Display:          5.7” Super Amoled 1920 X 1080 pixel

Ports:               Micro USB , 3.5mm headphone jack

Camera:          13 megapixel with autofocus,BSI sensor, LED flash 2 megapixel front camera

Radio:             No

Battery:           3200mAH

Size:                151 x 79 x 8 mm

Weight:           168 g

Connectivity:    Wifi , 3.0 Bluetooth

Now comes towards the proper review.We begins with its Display.

Display and Size

Its size is big but the 151 x 79 mm dimensions are quite-in. It is 8 mm thick ,but somehow it doesn’t look as flimsy as in past. Galaxy Note 3 is stucked with 5.7” screen with 1280 x 720 to Full HD 1920 x 1080. The screen look great and luscious with rich vibrant colors. You can say that, its resolution is same as that of Galaxy S4 on slightly bigger screen.Note 3 weighs 168 g which is OK with it according to its size.

OS and processor

Android 4.3 has only just appeared on Google’s latest Nexus 7 , and the fact that it’s on the Note 3 shows that Samsung is serious about making this a top-notch handset.It’s also the first phone to be optimised for use with Samsung’s new  Galaxy Gear smart watch.

The Note 3’s quad-core processor is clocked at 2.3GHz and backed by a 3GB RAM.It is very fast and joy to use.Even with a dozen or more apps running at once.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 consist of two cameras , front of 2 Megapixels while the rear with 13 megapixels. It is a big step up from the last Note (8 megapixels) and it is having Samsung’s photo features including a range of shooting modes and handy tricks like the ability to erase background detail and animate elements of your pics.Thats good but when we compare it with devices of other organization like Nokia and Sony we cant declare it outstanding.But thats not bad at all.


It has 3200 mAH battery , now we make three categories to test it Internet browsing , 3D gaming , Video playback.While we talk about Video playback Note 3 performs well and has an impressive time of 15 hours for its best and 14 hours at its lowest.The test was done with the handset set at full brightness.When we talk about 3D gaming Note 3 seems good , it just touches four hours (that’s an impressive count).But when we go for internet web browsing its result is disappointing and just achieve an average time of under eight hours.


Let’s get this straight, you never need to use the S-Pen. It’s there purely as an enhancement — for writing or drawing, though of course you can use it for navigating as well, if you want to. Pull it out and you get an automatic mini menu with five key S-Pen-related apps. The screen is sensitive enough and the interface easy enough to use without it, but if you like to make your notes by hand and convert them to text (the handwriting recognition is pretty good too) then this is the phone that suits you.


If anyone  asked me to describe Galaxy note 3 in one line , I’ll reply with in no time with the following sentence

“Gorgeous screen, powerful processor,slim build, handy stylus”

It’s big, but it’s beautifully formed, and delivers excellent performance and a world-leading screen. The camera is pretty good too .Its only drawbacks are that it is too big for most of the pockets and not everyone likes stylus.

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