iPhone 6: Is this leaked photo our first look at the next iPhone?

What is the difference between an earth quake and iPhone? Earthquake affects only those in the area. The volatility evaporates in minutes. iPhone, on the other hand, encompasses the whole world in its ambit and as for its volatility, it remains active till the next news about iPhone’s makes its appearance. Such being the case, an allegation about iPhone in a credible source can only gain quick currency.

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Recently C Technology has come up with an image that it says is that of the next iPhone. For the look of it, the latest iPhone to enter the market is going to be thinner as well as larger than iPhone.

The rumor that Apple is planning to expand its Air branding to other upcoming products might well be true if C technology’s allegations are correct.

The Name Question

The news has spread in all eight directions fast. Is it any wonder then that everyone has his own version of the story? No one had thought the device would be called anything but iPhone 6 but someone in Apple might decide that the simple number is unimaginative and go for something more exotic. iPad Air is a case in point. And, the company has some months on its hands to decide before the phone’s release and so anything is possible. Stress may be laid on some new technology that will go into making the phone unique.


After all, new technologies are always on display in any new device that is revealed nowadays, be it with the widely experienced android developers’ evolution or the iPhone apps that spin you around. And, considering the fact that the iPhone 5s did not carry any improvement in design, Apple could some very visible or only perceptible changes.

New Features

Will an overall improvement including design change and incorporating new technologies be the USP of the new phone?  The phone will have the chipset and display but will it have a different method to unlock?

Will it have different security features?

It is quite possible but you might be disappointed if you hope upon drastic changes visually. However, it is safe to assume that the iOS 7 will be done away with and in its place, put iOS 8. iBeacon will probably be introduced in iPhone 6. Almost everybody thinks that they are going to see a new phone with a new design of the chassis and a display that is larger than in the iPhone 5s.

Inside Information

The A7 processor which fires iPhone 5s has been praised by people without any reservation. The I GB RAM and dual core 1.3GHz processor have been running the set without any flaw and may well be retained in iPhone 6. The 64 bit chip may also find favors and be given further lease of life.

The 64 bit architecture might yet become the staple. The faster performance that it will enable the phone with may be called A8 or A7X but name should hardly matter for people who look for excellence in looks and performance.

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