The Samsung Chromebook – A Best Buy for 2013

I recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook and was really impressed with it.  Here’s my review of what has been one of my Best Buys for 2013.  Check it out and see if you agree with me.

So firstly, it’s very portable.  You can slip it into your backpack or in your briefcase with ease and it weighs just over a kilo, is less than two inches thick and has a superb battery life of more than six hours.  This makes it perfect for those on the move.


Quick Booting and Operation

When you switch the Chromebook on, it will boot up in seconds and already contains your favorite Google applications due to the Google operating system. The Chromebook is perfect if you want an efficient device that loads apps quickly and has an easy to understand user interface.


With the weight being just over a kilo, a thickness of less than two inches, plus a battery life of more than six and a half hours, the Samsung Chromebook is truly portable. Its unique design prevents overheating and requires no fan which helps make it so light. It works in virtual silence, unless of course you are listening to music with it.

Sharing is Easy and Secure

If you need to share the Chromebook with your family then that’s no problem either as it’s possible to easily switch from one profile to another user. Each user has their own files, applications and settings. This means you can even lend your computer to a third party without worrying about the security of your data and settings – for example if you need to send it for repairs. You can then simply recover and resume where you left off.


Sharing is Easy and Secure chromebook

Your content is always saved just as you left it.  These sharing facets even extend to the web connectivity.  Multiple connections allow you to share your Chromebook securely as each user accesses their own online content when it connects to the Internet.  There is also a guest mode which lets you lend your Chromebook to others securely, without them ever being able to access your personal information.

Another reason to love this aspect is the fact that you can share your Samsung Chromebook with confidence. The integrated security system prevents accidental software installations, as well as malware and unwanted changes to any settings.

No Need to Install Virus Protection

It is also possible to carry out daily tasks more quickly, easily and safely. Chromebooks will start in a few seconds and require almost no configuration or maintenance. They handle viruses, malware and other unwanted intruders, without you having to buy or install additional software.  This was a great piece of functionality for me as it means not having to sign up to expensive virus protection software which always needs to be renewed monthly or annually.

Another superb asset is the fact that it updates automatically direct from Google when online.  It will automatically download and apply security patches and other software needed. This means that you don’t have so waste time installing them yourself and takes a lot of hassle out of day to day computing.

Save Documents Securely in the Cloud

The Samsung Chromebook has many layers of security. With Google Drive, all your files are saved online, safely and securely. You can continue to access your data even if you have lose or damage your computer as everything is saved in the virtual cloud.


To conclude, this is one of my best buy pieces of tech for 2013.  The Samsung Chromebook is very portable, looks stylish, and is perfect for everyday use. With its light weight of 1.1 kg and a range of more than 6.5 hours, you can take it and use it wherever you go and share it with your family as and when you need.

Author Bio

This review was written by Jensen Eriksson.  He bought his Chromebook from Best Buy.  If you want to buy one from here then you can save money by using a coupon – this is where the Best Buy coupons are hosted.

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