Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (DW Star rating: 4/5)

Love: Gorgeous clear screen,  light portable design and Touchwiz 4.0. Hate: Price, no HDMI or USB ports and poor sound performance. DW Says: Another fantastic Samsung tablet that surpasses its 10.1-inch compatriot (albeit with a bigger price tag) and is a great alternative to the new iPad. Price: £360 (16GB), £450 (32GB) I Samsung  

Union Folding Cycle

Folding bikes may be practical, but let’s face it: lugging one around on public transport is a pain. That’s why this stunning concept from Taiwanese design students Weiche Wu and Minhan Lin is so appealing. Rather than collapsing into a metal frame that magnetically attracts fellow commuters’ ankles, it folds down into an appealing Apple-white …

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Sony Bravia X9000A

This 65-inch slab of pure premium is the embodiment of Sony’s new design philosophy – a huge bezel-less sheet of glass with super-thin magnetic fluid speakers on either side. With an actual resolution of 3840 x 2160, this is the flagship for Sony’s 4K range boasting passive 3D, and upscaling is now some of the …

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Toshiba Portege Z10t

Tablet or laptop? Lablet? Taptop? Quit your arguing, guys: this Windows 8 Pro Toshiba is the latest hybrid device offering a bit of both. Rip the detachable, full-HD, 11.6-inch touchscreen tablet from the splash-resistant keyboard dock and input switches from backlit keys to ten-fi nger multi-touch accordingly. An Intel Core processor – precise model unconfirmed …

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Sony Cyber-shot HX50

Go on, take a closer look; this is the first compact camera to feature a 30x optical zoom. Not content with above-average eyesight, it also includes tech borrowed from Sony’s high-end RX range, including a 20.4-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor and Wi-Fi for uploading your long-lens shots of Prince Harry cavorting directly to social networks. …

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Recon Instruments Jet

While Google Glass is wearable tech for the catwalk, Recon’s Android-based, outdoorsy rival, the Jet, has been built for wrestling alligators and then tweeting about it. A tiny HD display is located in the bottom right-hand corner and an HD camera is up front, while an accelerometer, thermometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and ANT+ for connecting …

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Concept of Digimo Camera

Capturing expertly shot scenic shots from all angles should be a breeze with this concept that combines multiple cameras which can be positioned anywhere to allow photographers to take snaps wirelessly from a distance. Designer: Sangik Lee

MacBook 2020

We know that the Cupertino company likes to refresh its MacBook line pretty much every year, but we may have to wait some time for one to turn up looking like this. This vision of the Mac future suggests a paper thin build, tactile feedback, 3D scanning and absolutely no wires.

ABC Keyboard

This all touchscreen keyboard can be customized to work with any language and can change colour if the glossy black finish isn’t really your colour. The ABC keyboard also caters for left handed typers and would have built-in memory to keep your docs, pictures and video easily accessible. Designer: Iaroslav Neliubov

D-Can Camera

Designer Jean-Michel Bonnemoy believes that modern camera designs are out-dated. Traditionally, camera form factors were dictated by the need to include a roll of film in the back. Nowadays that is obviously not the case, so why do cameras still retain a traditional form factor? The D-Can is cylindrical, designed for ergonomics and ease of …

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U-Transfer USB

The U Transfer lets you transfer files between USB sticks without the need of a PC. The USB drives slot together to transfer information, and the small touch screen on the device itself would presumably be used to select files and folders to trade between the memory sticks. Designer: Yiyan Cao

Gigaset Concept

First and foremost, the Gigaset is a phone, but it’s designed to clip onto your clothes, making the phone itself hands-free and removing the need for headphones or a Bluetooth headset. Unclip thephone and put it into the docking station, and it’ll automatically turn into a clock. Turn it on it’s side, and it becomes …

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Arc Mouse

If you still find the trackpad navigating experience on a notebook a frustrating one, the Arc Mouse that will grip onto surfaces will give you back traditional computer control. Made from soft materials, the Arc Mouse connects to a laptop or notebook via a receiver and an optical sensor in the mouse that can be …

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Volve Headphones

This set of Samsung VOLVE headphones does a great job of mixing antique styling with modern technology. Designer Andreas Konradsen says that these headphones are supposed to blur the boundaries between music and mind. I’m not sure what that means, but if that’s what got him to make these headphones, then I’m all for it. …

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NewerTech Voyager Q: An Excellent Hard Drive Docking Solution!

The Newertech “Voyager Q” will surely make an amazing addition to your Mac or desktop in case you frequently use multiple internal hard drives for backing up your data. This device supports both 3.5-inch as well as 2.5-inch SATA hard drives and is perfectly compatible with virtually all the possible external storage connectivity technologies. NewerTech …

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Sony launched Sony SmartWatch 2 waterproof and dust, a remote control, built-in smart phones.

In addition to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra launched. Sony has launched the Sony SmartWatch 2 features IP57 waterproof and dust standard 1.6-inch screen with a resolution of 220 × 176 pixels can be read outdoors.As for the battery itself.Available 7 days as long as possible (open-saving mode), and the general use of the machine is …

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Laser Vs Inkjet: 4 Factors To Determine Which Printer Is Best For You

The printer is one of today’s must-have accessories for your computer. While it is true that we are trying to move to a paper-free digital era, printed paper still holds some weight. Be it a school presentation, business report or application forms, having a printer in the house is crucial, unless you want to run …

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Ipad’s Dad

Not too long ago, the notion of a mobile touchscreen computer with the ability to facilitate a huge range of services was merely an idea in a science fiction movie. The history of the iPad, the tablet that trail blazed an entirely new form of domestic and professional computing, is intrinsically twinned with creative innovator, …

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