Hands-Free Keys Offer Futuristic Home Security

In an age where home security is a primary concern for so many of us, the world of technology is evolving and adapting to offer us a new breed of security solutions designed to fit in seamlessly with the lifestyle of today. One such device is the August Smart Lock, which takes home security to the next level.


The August Smart Lock is the invention of designers Yves Behar and entrepreneur Jason Johnson, with the aim of revolutionising the way we think about protecting our homes and possessions. “No more hiding keys under mats” says Johnson. “We want to get rid of that”.

Hassle-Free, Hands-Free Security

The August Smart Lock essentially turns your mobile phone into a key to your home. An aluminium base plate is attached to the interior portion of the deadbolt on the door to your home.

An app, which can be downloaded to the iPhone or Android smart phone, connects to the device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, and uses proximity sensors to automatically lock or unlock the door (depending which side of the door you are on). You can lock and unlock the door instantly without even touching your phone.


Sharing Access

This handy device also adds a social element to home security. The app has a Guestbook function, essentially a secure, private social network that allows owners to send temporary “keys” to friends, family members, house-sitters, service providers and anyone else needing temporary access to the property in their absence, via email. Owners can share photos and information on this network to make guests feel more welcome or to provide them with specific instructions.

The owner will also have access to a record of who entered and exited their home on what date and at what time. Access to the home can be turned on or off at any time, making it more secure and easier to control than a physical key, which could simply be copied by whoever borrowed it.

August is said to be the smallest smart lock currently on the market. The hardware retails at $199 and takes a mere 10 minutes to install; after that the service is free. This home security device is also designed to fit into any type of home décor; it is small, circular and available in a choice of different colours. The hardware has battery backup to ensure the system will still work in the case of a power failure, and if the batteries run out, owners can even use the original, old-fashioned key as a backup.

What’s in a Name?

The stress-free security system is named after the month of August; late summer in the northern hemisphere. “August is about technology that puts you at ease” says Yves Behar. “It’s about ease of use and comfort and not being worried… that’s how you feel in August. For most people it is the best month of the year.”


What’s your take on this latest piece of automated home security equipment? Would you trust an app to keep your home secure, or do you believe in a more traditional approach to securing your property?

Nicky Warner is a tech and lifestyle blogger based in the UK. She thinks this piece of home automation technology is worth adopting, but she’ll be keeping her local 24 hour locksmiths on call just in case…

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