Lenovo K900: The First Ever Smartphone on Intel® Atom Platform

Lenovo is now making a name in the market for being a strong contender in the smart phone industry. All the while Lenovo has proved to one of the best manufacturers for laptop, it has now stepped into this new business of manufacturing smart phones and it has been able to love up to the expectation of the masses to quite some extent. Six models have been launched by the company and of all the models the K900 stands out for it is a little different from the rest of its peers it has been released with.


The K900 is only smart phone in the lot, not to feature a dual SIM feature but then again looks and the design of the smart phone is quite catchy and pleasing to the eye. Lenovo has always charmed the people for the neatness and the finish it offers on its laptops. The shiny and glossy finish that the laptops sport has grabbed the attention of the people and Lenovo laptops have been a personal favorite of several reviewers, especially the ones that come with a metal frame.

Lenovo has incorporated this technique in the smart phones are the results thus garnered have been really captivating and reliable. The Lenovo K900 has managed to catch a few eyeballs for the extremely impressive and the catchy design it is designed on.

Look and Design:

When it comes to looks Lenovo is a clear winner. Sony is one among those companies that has managed to manufacture some really beautiful models of smart phones, but then Lenovo ha outnumbered Sony for the lavish, classy and the stylish look the company has intricately engineered on the K900. The smart phone simply steals the show with its design. It is rectangular shaped smart phone with no rounded edges; therefore it easily sits on the palms of your hands.


When you look on the front view you will a neat and shiny glossy finished screen and it made as plain as a mirror, with the name of the company engraved on top center of the phone, and below the screen are three capacitive keys. It looks as it been glazed with a shiny piece of paper, it is so clean and neatly finished with the expertise of finesse touch given to the smart phone. The back of the phone is a neatly finished metal frame with the camera and the LED flash light on the top left and below is another neatly finished metal frame which has the words Lenovo and Intel written on it. The Metal frame gives the smart phone a very classy look. Overall when it comes to the looks of the smart phones, Lenovo just makes an easy high score. The design of the smart phone must have been engineered with utmost care and patience.

Power and Processor:

The Lenovo K900 is mounted Intel’s dual core Clover trail with the platform included, in all its probability the processor that would power the Lenovo K900, the Atom Z2580 at the speed of 2GHz. You did come back to take a glance over what you just read, didn’t you. Yes, it is indeed true that the K900 would be mounted a mega 2 GHz processor that easily caters to all the requirements of the the specifications of the smart phone will have to host.


Operating System:

You need not think twice about the operating system that the Lenovo K900 would be housed on, without a doubt the Lenovo K900 runs of the latest version of the Android, Google’s operating system for smart phone, the Android version 4.2 Jellybean. The smart phone has been released right on time with the latest upgrade for Android being in the market, the Android 4.2,  as seen in several reviews and personal experiences is indeed a great product from the company.

The collaboration of the company with Google was indeed a great choice and over that Lenovo has just started off as a smart phone manufacturer it is necessary for the company to keep up to its popularity and fame. The Android 4.2 Jellybean is a great feature that the smart phone houses under its roof.



The Lenovo K900 comes with a camera which is a jaw dropping 13 Mega Pixel as the primary camera and another incredible 2 Mega Pixel camera. The resolutions that the camera features of the smart phones offers is not yet clear but considering the fact that the company has been concentrating on every little detail for the smart phones, one must that a camera with such specifications is indeed a smart move from the company.


The Lenovo K900 supports good amount internal storage with an internal memory of a whooping 16GB, if you still need more space then you are in trouble as the smart phone, Lenovo K900 does not support external memory through MicroSD slots. Well, when it comes to the memory Lenovo has made been very unjust with the smart phone. The Company should have concentrated allowing flexible memory options.

This is a flagship smart phone from the company and it indeed an eye catcher in the lot. The Lenovo K900 hosts all the features that need to be seen in a general smart phone and then it enhances the user experience as well. There are not only smart phones flooding the market today, the roads are jammed with the Phablets trying a make a way out to reach the destination. In this rush this new entrant from a new kid in the block, Lenovo may throw a few people off their chairs. For the newbie has come up with really innovative features and specifications for the smart phone.

The Price of Lenovo k900 is tagged at 32,999/- INR, though the price may seem expensive, on second thoughts you will realize that the smart phone is offering such amazing that the charge is quite reasonable, and moreover Lenovo has let it its customers down, the Lenovo K900 would definitely house in all the features that has been promised by the company to its commoners.

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