Smartphones To Smartwatch

Think the only way to social network or record video or get news feeds is through an IPAD or smartphone?  Smartwatch is the new futuristic device allowing entertainment, gaming hubs, personal assistant and much much more!

What features will the Smartwatch include?


The smartwatch will have similar features to the Apple Iphone, such as music streaming.  However, after listening to your favorite songs, the smartwatch will then recommend more music for you to listen to in your favorite music groups and will come with built in speakers allowing you to listen to the music without earphones. The smartwatch will have built in high definition graphics allowing gaming with 2 GB of memory.  As far as the device setting itself, it will be paired with smartphone via Bluetooth.


The phone will remain active, no matter what other feature you are using at the same time, and will direct incoming calls to your voicemail.

The watch will include speech recognition, based on the user’s preferred language, with an assistant you can tell commands to while performing a search.  Following the commands, the assistant will then give ideas per your requests.

Thinking about looking up a phone number to place an order with a certain company?  No need!  You can give additional search commands for any type of business you are seeking out to purchase something.  Also following the commands, the watch will give out suggestions on what you are looking for.

Three cameras and three microphones will include 12 megapixel snapper, allowing the highest qualities of facing with web cam and video conferencing, and even recording videos.

The watch will be Wi-Fi capable, with added security when making payments via watch, information will be encrypted, and data locked when the watch is removed from your wrist.

How will the smartwatch be designed?

The smartwatch will come in a variety of colors and styles, such as your usual smartphones, or regular wristwatches.  The band will be of elastic material similar to some bracelets, allowing the watch to easily wrap around the wrist.  Some are made of monochrome, with full color OLED in the works.  The display face of the watch is cased with aluminum topped with waterproof shock-resistant


Two screens will appear on the watch.  The upper screen will auto activate when the users arm is raised, and the lower screen will operate when the the arm is pointed upward and twisting the wrist.

The watch will run on a 2500 mAh battery which will hold power for approximately two days, or seven days if watch is on the power saving mode.

To keep from sliding off the wrist, the physical connectivity will come with a sliding USB 3.0 connector.

How much will a smartwatch cost?

For approximately $400-500 you can purchase a 128 GB model, and for approximately $600-700 you can purchase the 256 GB version.  These watches are offered in four different sizes,  color is black with blue accenting on the side.

Later versions of the watch may be coming next which will include software development kits for third party applications.  Bottom line… If you are looking for the most technical advanced product, the smartwatch may be what you are looking for and no worries about losing your device when it is simply attached to your wrist!


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