Latest security gadgets to keep your home safe

For many years, the best alarm system was a simple alarm; however the modern technology has changed a lot of things and has brought home security to a whole new level. There are numerous new security introductions to the market including various cameras, remote door locks, automatic lights and temperature control systems. Even with many of these systems, burglars find it pretty easy to move in and out of houses and they don’t have much of a challenge here. Therefore in this article, we’ll look into some of the really effective gadgets that would help keep your home very safe. The gadgets we mention here may seem very little gadget but the thing is the protection they offer is really classy and it is in another sense a glimpse into the future of home security. Some of them are already in the market so you won’t get disappointed.

Latest security gadgets to keep your home safe

The burglars are experts in the security systems and that is why it is important to be constantly updated on the latest security methods and all. The newer the security method, the less time the burglars would have time to study it, so trusting the old padlocks to keep you is quite off now. You need move with the flow because every security system of the past is no longer secure enough. So without further delay let’s start discussing a couple of things about home security.

The burglars are experts in the security systems

The first comes the fog shield which is kind of an extreme security measure. Some businesses and some homes require this additional level of security. This device could be used to trip a sensor which is powerful enough to cover about 2000 square feet within about 15 seconds. The fog is enough to keep a lot of robbers away because it would certainly frighten and confuse the robbers.

 fog shield

The next gadget has a strange name, it probably has nothing to do with the illuminati but the name is mind controlled robot dogs. This is an excellent way of protecting your home with the security camera and the robot dog is capable of immediately alerting the guard in case it detects an intrusion. The dog here moves on wheels and its head can be remotely controlled. Imagine how shocked the robber would be to find a dog on wheels chasing him.

the name is mind controlled robot dogs

Another great gadget that we could add to this gadget list is the TV counterfeit deterrent. Without any doubt the best way to keep the robbers off is for you to be at home. The robbers know there is no better alarm system than you and that is why they are really careful about what they do. There are people who leave the lights or the TV to create the illusion that someone is inside when they go out but this drains the electricity bill! So this is an amazing gadget that uses LED lights to create the illusion of people inside. What happens here is that the device projects the light onto the wall and makes it look like a TV. The device also comes with a timer. The burglars would not dare come in because they would naturally assume that you are nicely on the couch watching something.


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