Future Technologies: What The People Want To See

Every year we’re blessed with new and exciting pieces of technology, and every year we anticipate new introductions and innovations. However, sometimes that which we wish for doesn’t come to fruition or at least hit the mass market. With talk of iPhone 6s and cash machines everywhere with NFC technology, there is an abundance of gadgets and technologies that we soon hope to see in the future.

Google Glass

Google Glass

If you’re in any way a technology geek or even just a casual enthusiast, the strong chances are you’re eagerly anticipating Google’s top secret Google Glass. In fact, the chances are that you’re eagerly anticipating Google Glass and yet haven’t got the slightest clue of what it actually is or does.
We know it’s a wearable computer with a head mounted display, being developed by Google. We also know it will hopefully be released to the mass market in the last quarter of 2013, it’ll run on an Android operating system, boast 12GB of usable memory, have a video camera and a camera, as well as a host of other features that will probably become clearer closer to its release date; or even just upon its release.
Google Glass is a bit of a mystery, and one senses that this is just how Google planned it. It is this mystique that makes it even more intriguing and exciting.

No More Removable Batteries


That it’s 2014 and my remote control still needs removable AAA batteries to function is ridiculous. Everything is rechargeable nowadays, from our phones to many remote controls. However, for some strange reason things are still being developed that need removable batteries to function!

Online Planet Earth

The rise of mobile phone and internet technology has been incredibly rapid over the past decade or so. This is such that within the next ten years, the whole world is expected to be online. With almost 3 billion mobile phone users in Asia and 650 million in Africa, the developing world is becoming more and more in tune with mobile phone use; in time all of these mobiles will have internet capabilities.

On Demand Everything

The introduction of a host of on demand television channels has revolutionized our television viewing experience. From channels like 4oD to ITV Player to Mini PC dongles like those developed by Visopix on demand programming is on the rise.
There is really no justifiable reason behind the fact that there are plenty of TV channels that still do not offer on demand programming. Whatever the reasons may be we want to see on demand programming on every channel for every program.

Crash Proof Cars

Crash Proof Cars

While cars have obviously been an incredibly helpful innovation, the amount of car crashes that occur worldwide, mean that over a century of car use, they are still essentially life threatening vehicles.
The introduction of crash proof cars could not come quicker, and Volvo are working on it. By 2020, they hope to develop a crash proof car, which I’m sure is amongst the most highly anticipated future technological innovations.

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