Get More Vaporizer With Top 6 Accessories.

Whether you want to fully outfit the vaporizer you’re getting ready to order or want to get even more out of a vape you already own, you can count on any of the following six accessories to enhance the already top-notch experience provided by vaporizers:



One of the many reasons that vaporizers are so appealing is because their delivery method is much cleaner than other options like smoking. Because vaping doesn’t involve any type of burning, the harmful pollutants associated with smoking aren’t an issue. However, just as with any item that you use on a frequent basis, if you want to maximize the longevity and efficiency of your vaporizer, it’s a good idea to regularly clean it.

Thanks to the availability of products designed specifically for this task, cleaning a vaporizer is very easy to do. One of the most popular cleaner brands is Formula 420. Two of their best products are their Soak-N-Rinse Glass Cleaner and their All Natural Cleaner. Because each one has a specific purpose, you can actually use them in conjunction with each other. And at less than $20 for a 16 ounce bottle, you’ll be able to keep your vaporizer clean for a long time.

Carrying Cases

Because of its compact size, you can take a Pax vaporizer just about anywhere without needing a case. But if you want to be able to go places with a larger vaporizer, it’s definitely a good idea to get a carrying case. Not only will a carrying case help protect your vaporizer from damage, but it will also provide convenient access by keeping everything in a single location.

The type of vaporizer case you choose is really up to your personal preferences. As long as you order yours from a trusted retailer, there’s no doubt you’ll be happy with it. From a standard trunk case to one that has a shoulder strap, you should have no trouble finding a case with the exact features that you want. What’s really nice is most offer space for your spare parts as well. The majority of the cases you’ll see online will be between forty and sixty dollars.

Stash Cases

In addition to keeping your vaporizer in a case, it’s also nice to have a convenient and secure case for your preferred vaping material. Because of its ability to keep everything fresh, as well as the added bonus of its sleek appearance, aluminum is the ideal material for a stash case. Depending on the specific size you want, as well as any additional features like a latch that you may be interested in, you can find aluminum stash cases online in the $5-$25 price range.

Boveda Humidpak

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to unlock even more aroma, color and flavor from your preferred vaping materials? If so, the answer to your question is yes! And the product that can make it possible is a Boveda Humidpak. The way this product works is by maintaining a precise relative humidity. As a result of this precise control, when you vape with a Humidpak, you get the cleanest and most purified humidity possible. This great product is available in 8 or 60 gram sizes, and each one will last for several months.


Why use a grinder? By grinding your vaping ingredients into a finer form, you’ll be able to match a vaporizer’s pure delivery method with equally pure material. Of all the different vaporizer accessories, grinders come in the widest variety. You can choose the color, material and number of grinding stages that you want. If you vape different things, you may find that having multiple grinders works best for you.

Pollen Presses

If you want to enhance the functionality of your grinder, a pollen press will do just that. There are two main types of pollen presses. The first type are standard cylindrical pollen presses. While the middle section of the second type are also cylindrical, the difference is they include handles on each end. Since both options work well, you’ll just need to think about which type of look and operation you prefer. The majority of pollen presses fall in the $30 range.

By purchasing a cleaner, carrying case, stash case, Boveda Humidpak, grinder or pollen press,  you’ll be able to keep your vaporizer in great shape, protect it from damage and enjoy the vaping process even more than you already do!

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