Mobile Phone Accessories of the Future

Mobile phones have been popular since their first years and now they became more used than ever. The diversity of offers and the release of smartphones has increased the usage of phones and cool accessories and mobile phone cases for them worldwide. Because of the competition between different manufacturers and carriers, more creative gadgets began to appear on the market. A smartphone allows you to do all the things you would do from a desktop computer and even more. In the future, the accessories for phones that may seem now like wonders could be available for public use.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Alternative Ways Of Charging Batteries

Green alternatives to charging phone batteries can be the use of body electricity, or the use of solar power. More method may be discovered, but these two are something already considered. The main advantage of using these chargers is that they do not need to be linked to the power system of a building. Wherever you go, you can use your phone independently of a power outlet. People who spend a lot of time outdoors can see these solutions as amazing. Batteries that are charged by using the index finger may seem a crazy idea for some people, but this technology is already used for decades, except it was only used for wrist watches. You can also wear bracelets that can convert the motion energy from your hands in electricity.

Alternative Ways Of Charging Batteries
There is a total of three ways of charging batteries without the need of a power outlet that will soon gain rapid popularity: solar panels, motion energy conversion and body energy converters. Motion chargers could gather the most energy from the body while running and exercising, and they could be mounted on shoes.

Unfolding Displays

Unfolding displays is a technology that will soon make its debut and it will allow up to thirty inches of unfolding. Users can watch videos on a larger screen, which can be good for the health of the eyes. Once you watched a video, you can fold the screen back. The applications of this technology in space and in the military field can increase rapidly. But, regular users could also take advantage of unfolding screens.

Sticky Accessories

Sticky Accessories

There are different types of sticky chargers. While some of them can be used for being stuck on the skin, other can be placed on windows, for solar power charging. The methods involve the use of a button that you have to press for sticking and unsticking the outlet on and off your skin/window. The best thing about this method is that you can have a free energy power outlet anywhere you go.

Extended Use Cases

Cases can now be extended for an additional battery, as the power demand for videos, music, applications and games today can be quite high. You can find cases today that may be resistant to water, shocks and scratches. In the near future, who knows what wonderful properties and extensions.

phone cases may have? Maybe you will be able to change the colour or the texture of the case just by using a phone application, or you could use multiple batteries. Mobile lenses and cameras can be good extensions for future phones as well.

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