Two New Nokia Dual SIM Phones

Buying a dual SIM mobile phone is a great idea. If you need to carry both a business phone and a personal phone, a dual SIM mobile will allow you to put both SIM cards into one device, meaning that you no longer have to carry two phones around with you. Or if you’re a frequent traveller, you can keep two SIM cards from different countries in the same device. Until quite recently, dual SIM mobiles were tough to find. But as more and more consumers show interest in using two SIM cards, more and more companies are producing devices that are capable of handling dual SIMs.

Nokia is one of the major players on the mobile phone market, and they’re also the probably the manufacturer that makes the most dual SIM devices, giving you a lot of options. And your options just got bigger with the announcement that Nokia will start producing two new dual SIM devices, the Nokia Asha 205 and the Nokia 206. We took a closer look at these two models, to see exactly what they’re all about.

The Nokia Asha 205:

The Asha 205 is definitely a young person’s phone. It comes in a choice of bright cyan, magenta or orange. It has a full QWERTY key board as well as a 2.4 inch display and a button that connects you immediately to Facebook. It has a pretty good battery that offers eleven hours of talk time, and it also has 2G connectivity, Bluetooth, and a VGA camera. There are plenty of pre loaded apps, including eBuddy chat, Twitter and popular email accounts such as Gmail, also forty free games.

The Nokia 206:

The Nokia 206 is a candy bar style phone, with numeric key pad and a 2.4 inch display. It has a 1.3 MP built in camera, 2G and Bluetooth connectivity. It has pre loaded apps in the same way as the Asha 205 does, coming with eBuddy chat, WhatsApp and a gift pack that gives you a choice of ten premium apps. It comes in cyan, magenta or an eye catching yellow.


What More Do They Have?:

The two devices share a lot in common. The run Series 40 operating systems. Being dual SIM phones they feature Nokia’s EasySwap technology, which lets you switch between SIM cards without having to switch off the phone first. They also have a Nokia Xpress Browser, which aims to cut down on your mobile internet bill. The Xpress Browser lowers internet bills by compressing transferred data by up to ninety per cent. Both phones also have Nokia’s new Slam feature, which lets users share files using Bluetooth without having to go through the step of pairing devices first.

Which One’s Best?:

They’re both pretty nice devices, though the Asha 205 runs a little more expensive than the Nokia 206. But if you’ve got the extra cash the Asha 205 is the better phone. It has a few more features and is a little faster and more powerful than the Nokia 206.

dual sim mobile phone is very handy and is now available with lots of  improvements, according to Phil Turner.

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