Pitfalls to Avoid On the Road to App Fame and Fortune

Dreams of enthusiastic reviews and dollar signs started dancing in the minds of many creative entrepreneurs after a clear hit of Apple’s App Store. It is indeed a big mystery how to take your app idea across the finish line. This may ask your immense amount of time, struggle, and focus, but the end result will give you all the fame and fortune you are looking for. In few years of its success, the dust of iPhone Application boom has settled and it has become apparent that targeted launch strategy, timing, and luck are among essentials to success.


An insider view of downsides an app entrepreneur faced can only be known by one who has experienced it. There are so many twists and turns which one should avoid on the road to app success.

First Audience to Drag Second Audience

Monetizing of an app is not distinct from Monetizing a website. You have options of roads to choose from: sell data, sell product, or sell eyes. Having magnetization based on brand sponsorship in order to court both brands and consumers will turn out to be your biggest mistake. Idea is to be cruel when it comes to audience development. You will do nothing but waste your time trying to court two audiences at the same time. Focus on one and get it quickly. The process of acquiring first audience might slow down as you may be busy in second one. Your first audience will attract your second audience towards you, rely on it!

Focus on Minimal

Minimal viable product (MVP) model of product development should be well versed in iPhone Application Development. We get confuse when we see so many could-be features in front of us. In the course of making state of the art mobile app, we turn could-be features into nice-to-have features. We forget the rules of keeping it simple and clear. Eventually, one thing leads to another, and finally releases out of creator’s pocket in terms of money.

Be brutal in focusing on using minimally viable features in your app. It is too simple for you? If yes, then you are on the right track! Everything that is ‘nice-to-have’ cannot be ‘necessary-to-have’. Everything takes time and nothing is free. In the scoping discussions and product design, all the talks revolve around “making grand” and “ultimate user experience”. Team may be too passionate to gain speed, but that’s not the problem. Founder has to make compromises in order to be successful. They may be ugly, face them and launch! With a fair room left to make incremental and frequent updates, app-store engagement and popularity will automatically increase.

Make Your Experience Count!

If you have personally worked in a consultancy and an agency, you must be associated with some useful connections. Use connections in the implementation and design of app. Well, we know that every potential vendor will dance the expected dance, and sing the expected song, the dance and song of ‘Yes’! Not a problem, off course it can be done. Do not trust what they say, experience it. Ask them to excite you with their phenomenal skills. If they succeeded to do that, you can sing the same song!

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