The Top Ten Most Expensive Phones In The World

Buying a new cell phone is a big investment for most people. But if you’re thinking about getting a new mobile, then we recommend that you stay away from the phones listed below. They might look pretty swank, but these are the top ten phones with the biggest price tags. And biggest means biggest…

The Stuart Hughes iPhone Diamond Rose Edition

For a mere eight million US dollars, you can get the iPhone that you’ve always wanted. Except that this iPhone is studded with a hundred carats of diamond. Plus the Apple logo is diamond crusted. Oh, and there’s a super rare pink diamond on the home button. That’s a lot of diamond.

The Stuart Hughes iPhone 3G Supreme

With more than two hundred diamonds in it, including a massive seven carat diamond on the home button, the iPhone 3G Supreme will cost you around three million. It’s another Stuart Hughes phone, and we’re starting to think he might be a little diamond obsessed.

The Peter Alloison Kings Button iPhone

Yet more diamonds, this time from Austria’s famed jewellery designer Peter Alloison. 138 diamonds, including a six and a half carat white diamond home button, this phone will set you back a cool two and a half million.

The JSC Ancort Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

For just one point three million you can get this super smart Windows phone built by Russian company JSC Ancort. It’s got fifty diamonds, including ten blue ones, but its super encryption technology is supposed to protect against kidnapping and tech blackmail.


The Goldvish Le Million

Made by a Swiss manufacturer, this will cost you one point two million. It’s made of solid gold and studded with diamonds, plus there were only three of them ever made, so it’s got rarity value.

The Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

For a simple million you can get this Swiss phone that’s a solid gold frame with two hundred year old African blackwood panels. Oh, and there’s some black diamonds too. And the keys are made from sapphire crystals.


The Vertu Signature Cobra

Designed by French company Boucheron, only eight of these have been made. There’s two diamonds, a couple of emeralds and 439 rubies that are designed to make the phone look like a cobra. It costs 310,000. That’s all.


The Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Three hundred thousand gets you the sleek and sexy Black Diamond that has a polycarbonate mirror finish and a borderless screen. Very nice.


The Peter Alloison Nokia Arte

For 134,000 you can get a top of the line Nokia that’s been encrusted with 680 pink and white diamonds and is made from solid white gold.


The Ulysse Nardin The Chairman

Just fifty thousand will get you this Swiss manufactured Android smart phone. There’s no diamonds, but it does have a nifty little watch dial that you can turn to help power the phone, and it has both a physical keyboard and a touch screen too.


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