Windows For All – Interface Details Of The HTC 7 Mozart

Being able to quickly and easily navigate through any part of your mobile phone is a prerequisite in this era of on-demand technology. While some phones offer tons of features and claim to be superior, often times these features are drowned out by the horrible way in which the elements are presented. Windows has had its own OS for mobile phones for a couple of years and it has been widely praised as intuitive, simple and clean. The HTC 7 Mozart is one of these Windows phones, and in the following review I will lay out the main elements that give this phone an incredible amount of versatility and performance.


Home Screen – Dynamic Yet Simplified

On the Start screen of the HTC 7 Mozart are a variety of buttons and functions, with many of them changing depending on new updates or conditions.

These live tiles can display social media updates, weather information, contact information and email updates, giving you the ability to know just what exactly is going on from one central location. While some of the tiles are static, those that do change provide you with a pleasing and informative experience. Also, with customization features allowing just about anything, you can add as many tiles to the Start screen as you would like.


App Access Augmented

Rather than having to open a folder to access any of your favourite applications, the HTC 7 Mozart uses common sense and provides a secondary screen from which all can be found. Simply flip your finger to the right and this screen will appear; you will notice the standard utilities (IE, Hotmail, Calculator) as well as any new applications you have added to the mobile phone. One click on Windows Marketplace and you will be able to access any free or paid apps, which upon downloading will appear on the same screen.

The Little Things

While the frills of any mobile phone may not be the best reason for purchasing it, in the case of the HTC 7 Mozart, they are merely icing on the cake. For those who love and have grown accustomed to the animated weather updates, you will not be disappointed as they have been included. While there is a bit of a limit on customizing your colour scheme and themes (unlike other, higher-end HTC models), the layout works as-is and becomes a comfortable invitation to everything that you enjoy in the world – whether it be reading, games, socializing with friends and family, and much more.


The HTC 7 Mozart will provide a great interfacing experience in many cases and an adequate experience in others, but it is a highly-functional and powerful little gadget for the price. I could see someone buying this just for the MP3 function coupled with internet capabilities as an affordable, portable solution to enjoying multimedia – but it offers a plethora of other things as well. Those seeking to keep their budgets in order while gaining access to this streamlined interface will be pleasantly surprised at what their money gets them and how simple it is to access everything you love.


Laura Ginn is a fan of anything and everything mobile, spending much of her time trying out and reporting on various mobile phones such as the HTC 7 Mozart. When she’s not writing content and reviews, she is usually publishing them for the world to see.

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