The HTC One X Smartphone – The Good And Bad Bits

When you first look at the HTC One X Smartphone it is definitely something different with the large HD display to the quad core processor. It is definitely a phone that you have to try as it is a step ahead of many of its rivals in quite a few different areas. It is definitely a top notch phone that only lets itself down with the poor battery life.


The Good Points

Well what can I say? There are so many good points about this phone it’s hard to name them all. Some of the good points are the super thin casing of the phone, the beautiful graphics, the HD screen and the top notch Android platform. This is one of the best smartphones currently available on the market and is definitely a contender alongside the IPhone for the top place. It has a quad core processor making it the fastest smartphone available which means that it is a perfect phone for playing games or using apps.

This phone also boasts a 4.7inch display which is almost the same size of a mini tablet. The display itself is out of this world with brilliant HD graphics which makes playing games or watching a movie that little bit more special. On top of all of this the phone also has an improved music player and lock screen with which you are able to customise. There is also a great little 8 megapixel camera included in this phone which has special features such as taking 99 continuous pictures with the touch of a button.

The Bad Points

One of the most prominent bad points about this phone has to be the battery life as it cannot last a whole day without being charged. This is a big bad point as it would not really be suitable for people who need to use their phone for work. If you are a gaming enthusiast then although this is a perfect phone in every other aspect the battery life would let you down as you would not be able to play a game for longer than two hours before recharging.

Another bad point would be the lack of memory card slot. This means that you will constantly be deleting pictures, messages and apps off your phone in order to start again. All other leading smartphones have a slot available for your memory card.

The Outcome


The HTC One X is definitely a brilliant phone, even though the battery life slightly lets the phone down the rest of the phones features certainly make up for this disappointment.  It is a very light and stylish phone which will make you the envy of all of your friends. Its large screen makes ease of use simple even for people that have difficulties with their vision. It is widely desired by both men and women and can be customised to suit your needs.  It is available for around £30 to £35 per month at many different stores which is a lot cheaper than the alternatives.


Laura Ginn had been comparing the Apple IPhone to the HTC One X White. She had noticed that both phones contained a lot of the features that she looked for in a mobile phone. She decided to buy the HTC One X because it was a lot cheaper and she preferred the design.

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