Apple’s iOS 6: safe or not? See the new features!

iOS, originally released in 2007 for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, has been extended to support other Apple devices such as the iPad and Apple TV. iOS 6, the latest major version of the iOS, is going to make your iPhone better than it’s ever been before. It is said that Apple has reportedly fixed nearly 200 security vulnerabilities found in the previous version, iOS 5. What’s more, in iOS 6, Apple has added a variety of new privacy and security settings and features that will make users of the company’s computers and mobile devices safer while online. In this passage, I’d like to make a conclusion on the new security features in iOS 6.

images_4The new privacy settings pane serves as a sort of application permissions firewall in iOS 6. It not only set iOS 6 contains location services, but also brings newly-introduced controls for photos, calendars, reminders, Bluetooth sharing, Twitter, Facebook Contacts as well as Reminders. With this new privacy settings pane, users are allowed to decide whether a third-party application can get access to data stored in the core iOS applications or not. iOS 6 also comes with a “Limit ad tracking” user control in the general settings menu to and then users can choose to prevent targeted advertising.

According to Wired, the reason why Apple made many security improvements in iOS 6 is that Apple wants to make its products more appealing to enterprises and organizations. In a blog post, Apple partner Zenprise explains that App Lock (also known as “Guided Access”) is designed to allow users to provide their workforce’s with “purpose-built iOS devices.” It is developed to ensure that a business IT department can program an iPad or an iPhone to run only one application and block new software from being installed on the device.

There are also many other security features in this new system from Apple. Low-level hardware and firmware features are designed in the new system to protect against malware and viruses, while high-level operation system features can help to secure access to
personal information and corporate data. One of the issues that iOS 6 solved is a security hole that allowed attackers to compromise Wi-Fi connections and read others text messages. Besides, thanks to the upgrade, Apple mobile device users will not be able to easily jailbreak their phones or tablets. In case your phone is lost or stolen, Find My iPhone allows you to locate it on a map and remotely delete all your data. Meanwhile, you can recover them from your last backup after you get the lost phone back.

We can also see many problems to be solved in the next version. Take the pass code as an example. Just like Windows 8 password recovery,

iOS 6 users may also have to make efforts to reset their lost password recovered. Besides, it is reported that iOS 6.1.3 allows anyone to bypass the pass code lock on iPhones, and access private data on the device. So, can we have other authentication methods in the next version? Let’s look forward to more improvements from Apple.

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