Are there chances to Develop Android and I-Phone on a same platform

Are you an Android or a Blackberry fan? If yes you might be wondering on the fuss that is created over IOS Software. As you are already aware of that IOS is Apple’s mobile operating system that was originally developed to use it on iPhone but today it has expanded a lot to support various other Apple devices such as iPod touch or iPad.

The IOS Technology

Android and I-Phone on a same platformToday the more we rave on the Apple products; one of the major flaw of Apple is not being able to run Shockwave videos or Flash. This refers to that if you are on your own iPhone and desire to have a look at a website that comprises of video clips or animations such as YouTube or PartyPoker, until you have downloaded the substitute software you are unable to view the whole page completely. However, if you keep aside this disadvantage iPhone can offer you a range of advantages.

The IOS technology will facilitate you to interact and control your screen in a number of ways. This turns out to be quite user-friendly as you can change the size of the screen by just placing two of your fingers in the center of the screen and pulling them completely away from each other. This is usually useful when you have some kind if visual impairment or if you have just forgotten your glasses because without a short span every object can be made bigger in size. If you tap on the screen twice your screen will get back to the normal size or if you desire to zoom out, you just have to reverse the zoom in motion. You will also find numerous touch screen motions available such as sliding your finger towards the right side or left side to scroll towards the photos along with dropping or dragging them to customize your applications properly.

Android Technology

Android the Linux-based operating system is designed especially for the touch screen cell phone devices known as tablet computers or Smartphones. Android is basically open source in terms of production and development and Google releases the code under the Apache license. This operating system is progressing at a rapid rate. Android is considered as a counterpoint IOS, it is a graph that shows significant development and therefore, it cannot at all be separated from the leading mobile phone manufacturers who took part to get into play Android the operating system of mobile phone.

Android and IOS can they run on same Phone

Today Smartphones and their applications are a new way and the developers are lured by the increasing popularity of these. But, there are two major platforms competing with one another ¬†Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. You might think on how a developer can choose between both of these. On the part of the developers who hold one app in mind as well as envision their code running on the multiple mobile platforms, the going is uneven in today’s world.

Both Android and iPhone makes use of the respective framework and therefore, in the future on a single phone these two operating systems might get incorporated or may not. After years of research work you might get to know about it. But, in 2013 there is no such news. Therefore, the fascinating times of mobile applications lie much ahead. So, the developers need to play responsibly. App developers for hire are many but you need to look out for the right individual or company who can provide you the right facility and meet your requirements.

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