The Top Ten Brands Of Mobile Phone

If you’ve ever thought that you should know a little more about your mobile phone, then we’ve got the list for you. You can bet that the top ten phones will come from one of these top ten phone brands…


The  maker of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the market leader in the cell phone niche, Samsung is a Japanese company. They’ve been making phones since 1983, and became top of the field in 2012. Samsung are renowned for being the first to incorporate new features into their top of the range Android devices.



The Finnish company Nokia is familiar to most people. Started in 1965, Nokia has been in the mobile business since the very first cell phones made their appearance on the market. Nokia phones are famous for being robust and reliable, and for coming in a wide variety of styles and prices, making them suitable for absolutely everyone.



Coming in at number three we have Apple, the makers of the ever popular iPhone. The new iPhone is always a best seller, and Apple are insistent on running their own operating system, refusing to produce hand sets that run Android or Windows technology.



A name that will be unfamiliar to most people, ZTE is far more popular in Asia and Australia than in European markets. But expect to see more of ZTE, as they attempt to penetrate Europe with cheap Android devices.



South Korean company LG are probably best known for producing fully featured mid range phones. Great features for small prices means that LG’s market share is rapidly growing. And their sleek, smooth lined phones don’t hurt their image much either.



Another not so familiar name is Huawei, who have only fairly recently been seen on European markets. However, their incredible ability to produce top end phones for very low prices means that we’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

Huawei-Ascend W1


Despite losing a lot of market share recently, Blackberry are still a pretty big player in the cell phone industry. And rumour has it that the new Blackberry Z10 is going to be a bit of a hit on the phone market, hopefully reviving Blackberry’s fortunes a little.



Another pioneer in the cell phone industry, like Nokia, Motorola has been in since the beginning. Despite a rocky period in the early 2000s, Motorola have since staged a come back with their awesome RAZR series of phones.



Maybe famous for their electronics more than for their cell phones, Japanese company Sony split from Ericsson to go it alone in the cell phone market. Their phones tend to be quite expensive, which is off putting to many people, but they are pretty feature heavy.



Just scraping in to the top ten is the Chinese company HTC. They started out making only Windows devices, but now manufacturing Android phones too has led to an increase in market share for HTC. And some of their new models are pretty stunning.


Phil Turner has his own list of the top ten phones on the market today. His list is very personal and is biased towards certain manufacturers.

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