Latest WordPress Themes for Small Business

If you’re the owner of a small business and want to create new website, you probably don’t have a great design already… Custom design work can be expensive to commission, and who has the time to spend hours in a design and development of a dynamic website then you are at a right place and at a right time,

1. WP Remix

WP Remix is an advanced WordPress theme suite offering a range of page designs and color schemes; it’s very well designed and turns WordPress into more of a complete content management system than just a blog publishing tool. Provides a great deal of flexibility for the small business.

WP Remix

2. The Morning After

The Morning After was the original magazine theme in the WordPress community and after more than a 100 000 downloads, it now has a place in our themes collection. It may be “old”, but this amazing theme is not yet dated! A definite download and one that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Morning After

3. Makisig

Makisig is a little more corporate with cleaner lines and more conventional design choices. One of its best features is an expertly designed sidebar with plenty of room for prominently placed ads and easy navigation through your previous posts based on several criteria.

Makisig [Download site]

4. Notpad:

Notepad is a minimalist, clear WordPress theme designed to host a small business or brochure-ware type website; it comes in 13 color combinations.

The theme has a very simple front page, with a blog and extra page navigation to provide additional information.

  [ Download ]

5. Philips DirectLife

Philips DirectLife [visit site]

6. Andreas 04 2.0

Andreas04 2.0 [download]

7. Ocean Mist 2.0


Ocean Mist 1.2 [download]

8. TechBlog from Magazine3

the foremost importance is certainly goes to good layout and easy navigation. I believe in easy n simple things so, why should I let my readers mull over the content location. So, I want my content to be visible at proper place on the website.

.TechBlog from Magazine3  see live demo


9. Scope: Agency / Business WordPress Theme

Scope is the perfect theme for the creative agency, freelancer or general business. Strong lines, strong colors and a bunch of super-awesome features to keep you busy.

Get theme

10. Revolution Pro Business:

Here you would be able to get most interesting WordPress themes for your small business.


A stylish, dark theme designed with small businesses in mind, allowing for a professional-looking static homepage plus a corporate blog

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