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5 Scripts to Kick Start your Membership websites

1: Easy Member Pro

Easy Member Pro includes a wide range of features for managing your membership site, the rights to use it on unlimited domains, and a built-in affiliate program to promote your membership site. It includes a content management system, templates for page layouts, plus all the features needed for member management. The cost is a one-time payment of $97.



2: SubHub

SubHub is managed software that will allow you to set up a membership site that includes articles, forums, audio and video, and downloads. It includes a content management system and a single administration panel to manage the site. The cost is $97 per month or $997 per year (14-day free trial is available).



3: YourMembers

YourMembers is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a membership site using WordPress and PayPal or ClickBank. It includes the ability to make part of any post private to members, private RSS feeds, and free trial access. A single-site license costs $50 and a developer’s license is $200.




4: Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot provides all of the features needed to run your membership site, plus email newsletter tools, blogs and forums, event registration and more. There is a free ad-supported version available limited features. Other plans $25 monthly to $200 monthly.




5: Extreme Member

Extreme Member uses WordPress to manage membership websites. It includes a lot of features including use of coupon codes, multiple membership levels, built-in auto res-ponders, an affiliate module (depending on the plan you purchase), and more. Pricing ranges from $19-$99 per month.


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World’s Top Notch 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking is now not a unfamiliar name anymore since the entire web community is well aware of it. Everyone in particular those who run their blogs and websites know it and use it for the promotion and backlinks of their contents. Social bookmarking is quite essential and the people who have their websites need to do it to get quality backlinks. On the web, you may stumble upon thousands of social bookmarking websites, but there are few which are much useful for quality and rankings. Let’s explore them.

10. Newsvine

Newsvine is a well famed social bookmarking website and is called the most visited community website for publishing the content (news, articles and the likes), bookmarks and blog articles. At this place, you can also make money while you enjoy publishing the content. It shares 90% ad revenue with users.

9. Slashdot


It is called one of the oldest social bookmarking websites on the Internet. Launched way back in 1997, it is actually a tech based news website which also offers the users to come and submit their bookmarks. You can get benefits of social bookmarking at this site.

8. Diigo

Launched in 2006, Diigo is quite in use and has been used by the people owning websites for the sheer purpose of social bookmarking. You can save and share your links at this website. It carries one of the best web clipping service called Furl (File Uniform Resource Locators).

7. Fark

Among the few very famous and much in use social bookmarking websites over the web is none other than Fark. In order to get good traffic, you can use Fark to submit your website’s links here. This is the best place to drive traffic to your favorite web pages.

6. Delicious

Previously famous as, Delicious is called the oldest social bookmarking website. At the site, users come, share and save their hot favorite content in form of bookmarks. In 2003, the site was founded and has been in use by the web owners.

5. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is one of the classiest and brilliant social bookmarking website on the Internet. It is super beneficial and gives great traffic to your actual website after your drop or bookmark your link there. It is actually a web discovery search engine where the users come to get recommended content.

4. Digg

It is one of the most famous and widely in use social bookmarking website over the web and among the web users. You can come and submit your most favorite links here. Launched in 2004, Digg is most visited social bookmarking website.

3. Reddit

Reddit has been in use for social bookmarking purpose since quite some time, but it got popular among the masses and website owners since a little time back. You can submit the links as bookmarks there and can get quality traffic. It was launched in 2005.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is new among other social bookmarking websites on the Internet but has gained huge popularity in recent past emerging as the best social bookmarking websites for the web owners. You can bookmark your content with images. Pinterest was initiated in 2010.

1. Twitter
Twitter is world’s most famous social networking site which is also called a social bookmarking site. The entire world is used it even the majority of the users are the ones who do not have blogs but for sharing purpose, they use it. Launched in 2006, Twitter is now the world’s top notch visited website.

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Learn English through World’s Best 10 English Learning Websites

Learning English is what is much essential in today’s scenario. English is an international language and you cannot go ahead in career if you don’t have grip over it. There are a number of ways available to learn English like hiring someone to make you learn the language, joining in an institution or doing online courses, etc. But if you are offered the free online learning for this language, will this idea entice you? Hopefully for sure! Here are presented the top 10 best English learning websites where you can learn the language for free.

10. Exam English

Exam English
As the name of the website suggests that this is for English exams, yes, you can learn English here and take exams like the ones TOEFK, KET, CPE, ESL/EFL exams and almost all other relevant to this international language. Even you may also test your level of English by listening, reading and writing. Vocabulary and grammar too can be learnt at this place.

9. Learn English Free Online

Learn English Free Online
The website has over 12 years history providing the people a platform to learn English for free online. It is a best place for EFL/ESL learners and English teachers. You have also the option to learn vocabulary with relevant photos.

8. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English
This one is the best English learning place. With BBC’s platform, one is rest assured that the right grammar and language will be taught. At this website, you can learn grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and much more. The best learning portion on the site is 6 Minute English laced with audio that can also be downloaded.

7. VocabSushi

This website is fantastic as it lets you learn the vocabulary with real words and contextual examples found in the news and newspapers. You are offered to choose any vocabulary word and then you can learn its meaning, example sentences and listen to the English speakers about it. You can also take a test.

6. Livemocha

The interesting thing about this language is that it makes focus on a foreign language with communications and courses. You are offered to pick the English online course and after you do so, you can then submit your answers. You also have the option to chat with other members whose native language is English.

5. Busuu

The website endows you with fewer courses like vocabulary training, writing exercises, reading comprehension and many others. You are also offered the English language course which can do by joining in the community and chatting with other members on the site.

4. Lang-8


The website’s focus is on writing in a foreign language. The method works like you pen in the language and the native speakers of English will then make the corrections. This way, you have the option to help correct the language which is your native one.

3. Go4English

The most important thing about this website is that it is owned by none other than British Council that is England’s international cultural relations body. This website offers you English learning details and importantly tests for the students, teachers and even for kids. Actual web address for this site is

2. Fun Easy English

Fun Easy English

This one platform is perfectly great for the English language learners. At this place, you can learn the Basic English knowledge and teaching tips also apart from the language. The contents of the course include grammar, writing, idioms, slangs, tests and much more.

1. Elllo
This website’s main focus is on your listening skills of English language. From all around the globe, you can listen to the speakers on various topics like travel, sports, games, politics and so on. You are also offered the songs to listen.