A Review Of The Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest flagship phone by Samsung.  It is already almost out of date, in so far as mobile technology goes, but because it has recently upgraded to the new Jelly Bean operating platform, it is like a brand new phone again.  Let’s take a look at some of its design details to help you decide whether or not this is the phone for you.


Where the S3 Comes from

According to Samsung, the S3 was inspired by nature.  Hence, you are able to see things, listen to things and respond to things, as well as share your most amazing moments.  It isn’t entirely clear what any of this has to do with nature, but that soon becomes apparent when you first hold your device.

The Nature Look

The phone is made from brushed polycarbonate and you can choose whether you want pebble blue or marble white.  It is a big phone, which is not surprise considering its SUPER AMOLED HD screen.  The design is also more rounded, providing lines more commonly found in nature.  After all, there are no natural straight lines.

Plastic Feel

It is certainly true that the new Samsung feels a bit plastic and some people won’t like this at all.  It is big, but lightweight, which is something that many people don’t feel comfortable with either.  Some have even said that it feels cheap.  However, this is exactly how the S2 felt and that sold like no other device before, so it’s obviously not that big of a problem.  However, do not make the mistake of thinking the entire phone feels cheap.

The glass front is Gorilla Glass, which is super strong.  The battery cover is very robust and the interior packs a real punch.  Also, it may feel like plastic, but it isn’t plastic at all.

Compared to Others

The HTC One X is made of the same polycarbonate, but it doesn’t feel as good as the S3 at all.  And that’s even though it is a full 3 grams lighter!  This is because of its texture and that makes our hands believe the phone is simply not as comfortable.  Others, however, feel that this is exactly what they don’t like about the S3, so it’s definitely a case of personal taste.

New Colours

It has to be said that the Pebble Blue looks the best out of the two.  If you get your hands on the Marble White, it’s like you’ve got a Galaxy Mini in your hands, which is like the low end alternative.  This is why the brushed effect has been applied, to give it that little bit of difference.  Best of all, there are now new colours available too!  These include:

  • Garnet Red
  • Titanium Grey
  • Sapphire Black
  • Amber Brown

Other than that, many people feel the S3 looks a lot like the original S, or at least more so than like the S2.  It has the curved edges, just like the original flagship phone.  Will you like it?  That remains a personal decision.

Laura Ginn was disappointed with the S2, having upgraded from the original Galaxy S.  However, she got a fantastic deal to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3, and decided to take a chance.  She is so happy she did!

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