MMBF Trust Annual Review: Record 297 grants awarded

In October 2014 on his 22nd birthday Matthew C. Martino relaunched his charity the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund as MMBF Trust and furthermore announced that they would begin international operations.

Since then the UK based charity has introduced their signature award scheme the MMBF Rising Star Award run in conjunction with film festivals across the world. Their partnered drama scholarships were awarded at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, they ran filmmaking competitions with Great Worqs and Total Talent to name but a few and various grants, scholarships and awards where handed out to individuals who applied via MMBF’s open portal application system.

MMBF trust

A reported 297 awards were made in the year ending October 2015. The breakdown is as below:

113 – film & drama scholarships, 38 – MMBF Awards in partnership with film festivals, 9 – film festivals funded, 27 –  film grants, 49 – Africa arts grants, 61 – Arts grants (to organisations & individuals) –TOTAL to date: 297

The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based international charity that supports  filmmakers, actors and individuals studying or working in performing arts worldwide through training grants and scholarships, funding for first time filmmakers  and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies.

founder of MMBF trust

MMBF Founder Matthew C. Martino welcomed the news saying ‘Very inspiring and uplifting news for us to take into the New Year. I would like to thank all staff, volunteers and our partners who have all supported us throughout the year’.