Top free Antivirus for Windows

Keep Windows computer viruses does not cost a lot of money. In fact, not even a single penny. There are plenty of good options available on internet for those who are looking for a free antivirus software.
Wait – free? No companies like Norton do a good deal for the sale of anti-virus protection? Why would anyone give away? Free antivirus vendors as Avast and AVG have some things. First, the offer you like free enough to want to buy an updated version of their product. Second, if home users to talk about how much they like their “computer guy” in the job you want to use in business systems.
Two things to consider:
First, as with the other programs, some developers for the support request, in the form of a toolbar installation. They are optional, so be sure to uncheck the boxes during installation, if you do not want the toolbar.
Second, a number of developers offer a free version not the download page with the free service called TrialPay. The free version is fully general, on the left, the right Trial-Pay offer – make sure you’re clicking on links that interest you.


7- Avast

avast antivirusDownload it from: Avast | FileHippo | Softpedia

6- Microsoft Security Essentials

microsoft security essentials

Download it from: Softpedia


5- Immunet Protect

immunet antivirus

Download it from:


4- Clamwin

clamwin antivirus

Download it from: ClamWin | FileHippo | Snapfiles


3- Bit Defender



Download it from: BitDefender | FileHippo | Softpedia

2- Avira

avira antivirus

Get it from: Avira | FileHippo | Softpedia


1- AVG

AVG Antivirus

Download it from: | FileHippo | Softpedia

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