Top Best Free Fonts for Upcoming Designers

I’m going to write this post, but I have not had time to do so. I have received several messages and e-mails asking me about the sources that I use in some of my design projects. I have a rather large collection of fonts. Some of them are paid, but many of them are free! First, I suggest you invest in some of the best fonts out there, but also suggest that you take advantage of the free resources that can be found online.


5- Lost Type


Lost Type

Get lost Type.


4- Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

This is one of best site with a lot of high-quality fonts that are primarily at font face support. You can also download the source as at font face kit and also have an font face generator. This is definitely a great resource.

Get Font Squirrel


3- The League of Moveable Type

The League of Moveable Type
This site has a large collection of free fonts, including the League Gothic, which has become very popular. I would suggest you to go through them and share them on social media or subscribe to the feed as well.

Visit The League of Moveable Type


2- Impallari


Get Impallari


1- DaFont


Get DaFont

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