The Tablet – The Ideal Tool In Assisting In The Sales Process

The tablet and Smartphone become increasingly popular among consumers. More and more people are therefore used to working with apps. At present, many companies wonder what the Smartphone or tablet may revolutionize the business environment for them.


Holland Horse Center, a major supplier of equestrian products, has already answered this question. They use the iPad as a support in the sales process. The representatives of Horse Center Holland now visit their customers with an iPad under the arm instead of the traditional paper catalog. The order intake is done via the iPad.

This gives the customer a better and up-to-date overview of the collection and there is no more paperwork, everything goes directly from the iPad in the system. Advantages Horse Center Holland


  • More sales – back office staff can help with crowds in sales
  • Actions – old stocks can be sold by the use of actions
  • Imago – positive impact on image appearance by innovative
  • Efficiency – fewer errors, more insight by direct coupling with back end system
  • Flexibility – prices and products are at work in the back end system and are automatically on the iPad
  • Better service – can be discussed once the delivery by understanding the stock


App the above described is specifically developed for Horse Center Holland and works with or without internet connection. All information is securely stored locally on the iPad, so that always and everywhere possible to work. Example screens besides the above app sales, they also use other apps to support the sales process.


  • Dropbox – ideal app for sharing files between your smartphone, tablet and computer, but also within the sales team.
  • Prezi – for making special presentations that can make the difference
  • Personal Information Management – use of software on the tablet to access calendar, contact information and e-mail access

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