Top 5 Buggy Social Networking Applications on iPhone

The addiction of social networking has been on a high,as many people around the globe are using different social networking apps to connect to their peers and pals and to find and meet awesome people living on this planet. Many app developing companies have hopped into the business of making social networking apps and it becomes really difficult for the users to find and install the app that suits their interests and ideas.

Vast presence of these applications on iStore and the features they claim to deliver makes it even more confusing.Most of the applications on iStore also contain bugs and blemishes and after installing the app, it results in the poor end user experience and poor word of mouth. These applications are launched without using test management tools and have functional, performance, load management, usability and security related issues. Following are the social networking apps that contain these issues.

Social Networking Applications on iPhone

Find My Friends

This amazing app allows the user to find and locate their family and friends by using Apple devices. After completing the sign in and registration process, you can send request to your loved ones to track and view their location. However, the app has functional as well as usability issues. The app cannot provide timely notifications and has serious flaws related to the map system.


This innovative app is developed by Bump Technologies Inc that lets the user to share anything like pictures, files, videos and gives you the access to sync it between two devices. However,the app doesn’t allow the user to share the photos in full resolution and automatically reduces the pic size to one megapixel. Hence, high definition and resolution photos cannot be shared. Moreover, the app doesn’t have a delete function and useless contacts and files cannot be deleted. The app has issues related to usability and does not provide a user friendly interface.


Fringland Ltd has designed the fring app to enable the users to use it for free texting, calls, video and group calls. Fun begins with the fring group calling option that allows four users to connect to each other on one screen. It provides interactive feature that allows you to call to your siblings on landline via fringout credit. The app is offering very competitive calling rates in the industry, but contains functional issues, which is damaging the rating of the app.

MeetMe – Meet New People

Applications on iPhone

Meet New People gives you the liberty to find and meet people living around you.  It shows the people living around you and gives you the opportunity to socialize with the people that suit your interests and imaginations. However, this app has problems related to safety and security.

Roulette Chat

Chat-roulette is a like a roulette that lets you to meet with strangers. This fun app suspense the user as it pairs him/her with an anonymous person, living nearby.However, this app doesn’t provide the functions it claims to offer and has serious functionality issues.

All of the above stated apps tried to deliver innovative and creative features to the users, to enjoy the experience of the social networking. But as the applications are not properly validated, these apps end up providing poor end user experience, customer reviews and rating. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult the iPhone application testing service providers, to ensure the functionality, performance, load management, usability and security of your application.


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