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Smashing 5 HTML5 templates

All Free Templates are compatible with all professional HTML5 browsers with its functionality and features. HTML5 and CSS3 Template has some amazing new features that make it more popular among web designers today. HTML5 also provides great opportunities for animation on the web, instead of Flash. Currently HTML5 is becoming more popular because they can use HTML5 to develop online games or play without a flash. Sites developed in HTML5 animation requires Adobe Flash support in the web browser, then again, if your browser supports HTML5.


5-IMCreatives HTML5 and CSS3 Template


View IMCreative | Download IMCreatives




View Manifest | Download Manifest


3-Minimaliso | HTML5 & CSS3 With iPhone WebApp.


View Minimaliso | Download Minimaliso


2-University International


View University ThemeDownload University Theme


1- Interior Design

Interior Design

View Interior Design | Download Interior Design

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