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Really Minimal WordPress Themes

All minimum topics we have for you below are selected after having sacrificed a lots of trying to find the best of free or low cost and it works perfectly straight-out-of-the-box, that the vast majority of whom is responsible. But leaving aside the minimalist style, the real beauty of these issues for designers and developers, however, is that they are an excellent starting point for further development and giving the opportunity to see and know first hand coding practices professional and organized.

10- Widely

Widely Minimal WordPress Theme

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9- Limeni

Limeni Minimal WordPress Theme

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8- Channel 66

Channel 66 minimal WordPress theme

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7- Momentum

Momentum Decent Business theme for WordPress

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6- Pears

Pears simple wordpress theme

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5- Reverie (Responsive)

Reverie Responsive wordpress Theme

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4- Grid

Grid Simple and Elegent WordPress Theme

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3- Flexography

Flexography best example of minimal wordpress theme

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2- Inkland

Inkland best wordpress Theme

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1- Danko

Danko WordPress theme

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1- Boldly

Boldly Top WordPress Theme

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