HTC Phones – Interface and Apps

The Taiwanese smartphone company HTC is the pioneer company to offer the first Android and first Windows 7 smartphones. It offers a wide range of devices for both platforms. HTC handsets are available with multimedia features and business features. They offer the best quality cameras and music players along with some very useful business apps such as email, notes, tasks, calendars etc. WiFi connectivity makes them convenient to use while travelling. HTC offers technically flawless devices that are handy and functional at home, office or on the go.

HTC Phones

The Interface

HTC Sense is the heart of the HTC smartphones. It is a collection of tools, features and some innovative interfaces. Some smart features available are the great audio recording feature, speaker mode, superb camera, video recording and video conferencing options as well as a car navigation system. These smart features can be used at home and at work.

They can be used to record meetings or conferences at work. Video conferencing is a very useful tool for business meetings with clients or colleagues. The camera can be used to capture the pictures of documents, white boards or record videos of business meetings.

HTC Phones - Interface and Apps

Built-In Apps

HTC email supports enterprise email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange and more. It also supports multiple email accounts. This is very convenient to have all your emails in one place. You can search and organise mails as per your requirements. HTML formatting retains the original look of the emails.


The HTC Tasks widgets is useful in keeping track of the ‘to do’ list and tracking down the progress.

The HTC calendar is another useful tool to organised and update your schedule. It also includes a Notes feature to make notes regarding the events, time etc.

HTC Notes is another independent feature that can be synchronised with the desktop or the cloud with Evernote. This rich note taking feature allows you to write notes, draw, add a picture or even record some interesting event. It can be easily accessed from the Home screen. It is a wonderful feature to keep you inspired, organised and productive all the time.

MS Office Compatibility

HTC handsets offer you the advantage of accessing your documents in any format including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. You can create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and view PDF files on your HTC device. HTC document management feature allows you to access the cloud services such as Dropbox, Skydrive and local storage using Polaris Office. This makes it possible to access, edit and share documents anytime and anywhere. You can synch your HTC smartphone with your laptop or desktop to share and access documents.



HTC-Desire2Another wonderful feature offered by HTC smartphones is personalization. You can personalize your phone as per your taste. You can customize Home screens and arrange home screen panels according to importance. Arranging home screens is quite simple using Leap View option. Using this option you can view all the 7 home screens as a thumbnail view.

You can arrange them as per your requirement. On individual home screens you can easily arrange icons and folders just by dragging them in place. HTC handsets offer some very good options for security and privacy. You can password protect certain folders you do not want others to access. You can also set privacy settings for incoming calls and texts, so that others would not find out the caller information.


HTC offers strong global brands in Android and Windows based smartphones. It is expected to launch the latest model in mid-February or March this year.

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