Nikon D7100 For A Professional Edge

Those who want to take good professional-quality photos will need to look into what the Nikon D7100 has to offer. With many different features, some of which are quite new and exciting, this camera is certainly worth considering for anyone who wants to step up their photography skills. One of the best things about this camera is that it is capable of taking pictures extremely fast and is very comfortable for most people to use.


This upgrade from the D5200 is a marked improvement over its predecessor in a number of ways, including the fact that the AF system is quite impressive. The focus algorithms of the AF system for this camera are inspired by the Nikon D4 as well as the 51, which are both excellent cameras in their own right. Those who like to shoot videos will also be able to enjoy some very noticeable upgrades that this camera has to offer, including the 30p and 25p recording. There are built-in stereo microphones in this camera, so the audio quality for all of the videos that are recorded is quite exceptional.

On the D7100 there are also front and rear IR receivers, an ISO standard of 100-6400, and a maximum of 6fps continuous shooting in DX mode. When you go into crop mode it jumps to 7fps. The battery life is something else worth mentioning, as this camera can take over 900 shots before needing the batteries to be replaced. Although this is a slight step down from the D7000, it is a relatively small disappointment among a long list of features which even professional photographers will find attractive. The image quality of this camera is quite good, though the sensor resolution is the same as the D5200.


Yet another one of the things that separates the Nikon D7100 from previous models is that its sensor is different and has done away with the optical low-pass filter, also known as the antialiasing filter. When it comes to overall performance, this camera definitely stands on its own. It is however important to keep in mind that for $1200 you will only get so much. While it is true that the sensor for this camera has been improved upon and other positive changes have been made, there are still some drawbacks.

Nikon D7100 review conclusion

Perhaps one of the most glaring drawbacks associated with using this camera is the fact that there is a certain lack of control in the aperture movie mode which can leave users quite frustrated. And while the image quality of the D7100 is very good, it isn’t a significant improvement over that of the previous model.


Those who are looking for the best possible professional camera may want to spend a bit more on a different camera, though this one is still very well-suited to those who take pictures professionally. With a mixture of positive and negative aspects, this camera like most others is not for everyone but can still offer a lot for quite a few people.


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