LG’S Optimus 7 Mobile Phone – A Solid Start For The Windows Based Phones

Does Microsoft come to mind when you think about smart phones? If not, don’t feel bad, you are not alone, but you just may change your mind after learning more about this capable device. The overall functionality, style, and quality of this product make it a serious competitor in the mobile phone market. In order to help you make a well-informed decision when it comes time for you to make your next mobile phone purchase, we will cover some of the highlights of this particular model.


Getting to Know the Optimus 7

Before we get into the more technical details, we are going to start with the basics of this phone. Visually, this mobile phone is easy on the eyes and avoids making any risky styling choices. The screen is of adequate size comparable to the rest of the smart phone market, but comes in just shy of the display on phones like the HTC and IPhone. In terms of clarity, you will find that this phone is more than well equipped to display most anything one could wish to access from their phone.


Serving a dual purpose, you will find a couple of actual buttons on the face of this phone; without detracting from the style of the phone, they manage to add a sense of security with the “clicking” sound they make when depressed. In a somewhat uncharacteristic pop of colour, the silver metallic ring that encompasses the camera is sure to catch you eye.

Is The Inside What Counts?

If functionality is what you are looking for, and most likely it is, you will be pleasantly surprised by this Windows operating system. Uncharacteristically, Microsoft took control over the hardware that their operating system could be placed on. Since they imposed rather stringent guidelines, you are certain to only find their operating system on mobile phones that are equipped to handle it. This is a great step forward for Microsoft and is definitely noticeable when using this device. Numerous independent testing agencies and consumers have chimed in to make note of the crisp responsiveness of this device. You will also notice a user friendly menu that like the rest of the phone is quick to respond.

Does It Last?

Of all areas to review about a mobile phone, this is one certainly open to debate. Upon a close inspection of the phone you will realize that it has a very solid appearance and feels firm in the hand. The clicking buttons really add to the feeling of quality. You will also notice that the camera is covered with a protective layer and surrounding by a metal ring. The screen on this model is considered to be midrange, meaning it is not especially easy to break. Preliminary reviews also indicated that the touch screen remains responsive even after some wear and tear.

The Verdict


This phone is a huge improvement to the often times mediocre line up of Windows phones. Unarguably, this phone provides a quick and responsive user experience. Aside from that, you can rely on this phone to last the typical wear and tear of everyday life. Overall, this is a great entry model phone that should keep you happy.


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