Jailbroken IOS7 new features.

Jailbreaking has always been a Big head-Ache for Apple.But The one who jailbreaked iOS 4 got lucky and It was Quite Great for him.. As Apple Inc hired him for their Company., And his Whole Life changed, the Changes He Included Were the Push Notification And multitasking Which Were introduced in iOS5.. but these jailbreakers have always been a step ahead from Apple..
Now the New Features of Jailbroken iOS7 Are Surely going to be a big thing for Apple..

But it has a positive side too.. Apple learns from them and is moving towards perfection. Which is Making the company’s operating system Best in the world… As it is Said A wise man learns from his Mistakes.. Apple IncIs doing the same. There Are many Jailbreaking ideas that are Running via iOS7, Which Are Quite Extraordinary and they are build in the infrastructure of Apple So its not a big thing to run them and they are very easy to use.

Lets us Consider Some of them..


Jailbreaking App that is most famous is Auxo, Well it has a very Great Spectrum, it shows all the programs Whether it is music,videos or apps they are showed in the form of tiles on Screen . you can move them by Swiping across them and choose whichever app you want to use.in which even Internet can be connected by swiping and selecting Safari or whichever browser you use.

All the actions are carried out By Swiping the tilesAnd you can Close all the tiles by just swiping them down the screen..it’s a great feature.Auxo is flexible and this is what it is renowned for. It Looks to me better than default option of Apple which is gone very boring now.


Bored with your iphone’sLockscreen?
Then you should try this tweak..jailbreakers are trying to change that boring lockscreen. By their hard work they have accomplished making of atom.. Atom Can be Used to Customize your lock screen as you want, Some people Still think that Simple lock screen is better. By this Tweak you can place Your favourite apps in Lockscreen and access them from there. The process is same as the other apps are moved holding them and when they start to wiggle ..take them wherever you want to place them.
it’s quite good tweak.



IF you Don’t want to miss your notifications and it bothers you to check them again and again on your Apple Device.This is the Tweak you want to use. It helps you have a good look at all times on your notifications.you can also access them from your homescreen and you can remove the undesired notifications by just swiping a finger on your homescreen..
the best thing in this tweak for me is that you can set reminders for notifications just hold the notification and it will give you an option to set time for your specified Notification.
Abstergo is a latin word which means Swiping away..



Written by: Abdullah Akbar Blogger at http://www.techbeasts.com

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