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10+ Best Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for your iPhone!

The number of reasons to jailbreak an iPhone have increased immensely over the passed few years, and still growing every day since not only has it become so easy that even a fifth grader can accomplish this task, but a far-fetched range of polished apps and tweaks is now available over the Internet that greatly expand the capabilities of iPhone. Check out the list given below containing some of the best jailbreak apps and tweaks for your iPhone, available to be installed through Cydia!

1: LockInfo

Thanks to developer David Ashman, we now have LockInfo  a tool that is the perfect good lock-screen replacement. The app puts all the information you need on your iPhone’s lock screen, and kills the iPhone notification problem at the same time. It also compiles a collapsible list of them all.

Price: $7.99 from the Modmyi repository (apt.modmyi.com).

2: SBsettings

Probably the most used iPhone jailbreak tweak, SBsettings is an incredible small modification to the original iPhone program that enables you to access essential toggles like Wi-Fi on/off, Airplane Mode on/off, 3G on/off, and more in one window.

Price: Free from the Cydia Store.

3: SnapTap

SnapTap is another amazing iPhone jailbreak tweak that makes it easy to take pictures with one hand! In other words, the tweak allows you to take pictures on your iPhone using either of the volume buttons instead of the onscreen shutter button. And we all know that how hard t is to tap the shutter button while holding the phone up with one hand.

Price: $0.99 from Cydia.

4: BiteSMS

It is a fully featured jailbreak app that can handily replace the iPhone’s built-in SMS app. The tool trounces Apple’s SMS app on every possible level and enables you to reply to texts without leaving your current app, and allows you to view a pop-up list of all unread messages.

Price: $8.99 from Cydia.

5: MyWi

Want to turn your iPhone into a mobile hotspot?

Go get this app now!

MyWi is a great way to create a customizable mobile internet hotspot for other smart-phones or laptops around you. However, use this one at your own risk since it directly violates AT&T’s
(http://www.bgr.com/2011/03/18/att-cracks-down-on-tethering-cheaters/) terms of service.

Price: $20.00 from the Cydia store.

6: Activator

Simply, this iPhone jailbreak tweak is the SWISS army-knife for launching different tools!

Not only it enables you to apply infinite customization’s, but also helps launching SBsettings when you double tap the clock on your lock screen. This allows you to turn on Airplane Mode or check your IP address in a pinch.

Price: free from Cydia.

7: iFile

If you are trying to hit upon something like finder or Windows Explorer for your iPhone for quite some time, but unfortunately have failed so far then do check this jailbreak app as it enables you to view, edit, and move around files within your iPhone’s ordinarily inaccessible file system.

Price: $4.00 from Cydia.

8: InFiniFolders

This tweak is easy to install and requires no setup whatsoever. All it does is remove the 12-app limit per folder, and allows you to scroll within the folder.

Price: Free form Cydia.

9: Netatalk

This is really an amazing tool that allows you to browse your iPhone’s files from Finder on your Mac. Once you install the Netatalk tweak, you can connect directly to your iPhone as if it were an external hard drive.

Price: Free from Cydia.

10: Winterboard

Being one of the first jailbreak tweaks that are still hot today, Winterboard, a jailbreak tweak for skinning your entire iPhone interface, also allows you to choose the size and number of icons you want per page, and how many icons you want in your dock.

Price: Free from Cydia.

11: VoiceActivator

This tool uses the iPhone’s built-in voice recognition to launch anything.

For example, you can easily create a voice command that works within Voice Control (hold down the home button for three seconds). You can set up Calendar to launch when you say “Calendar,” or Google.com to launch in Safari when you say “Google”.

Price: $4.99 from Cydia.

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