IPad Vs Tablet: Which Is Better?

As technology expands more and more rapidly, we see tablet computers become increasingly popular. In the arena are two warring categories of tablet computers: iPads and standard tablets. Each of these has its benefits to offer to users of all sorts, but is there one contender that comes out victorious over the other? In this guide, we will review the pros and cons of both types of tablets in order to determine exactly which type is better.


Pros of iPads

One of the best features associated with the iPad is its battery life. Most of these devices can run for up to 10 hours at a time, which means that you can use them all day long if you would like to.There is a built-in speaker and a microphone on the iPad. If you download a phone app to your iPad, you can send and receive calls and not have to worry about people not being able to hear you.


The iPad runs on both 4G and WiFi, and it is easy to connect to either of these networks with just a press of a button.

There are two cameras on the iPad: one on the front for taking pictures and vidoes, and one on the back for video-conferencing purposes.

Cons of iPads

You cannot plug a USB device into your iPad, so it is harder to download or upload important files for emails, school, or meeting purposes. Connecting to your computer is impossible, too, as everything has to be synched using iTunes only.With the iPad, you have to stay in one app at a time. There is no ability to multitask like there are with other tablets.

There is no SD card reader on an iPad, either, so your photos and videos cannot be stored to an internal SD card, but rather must be saved directly to the memory of the device.

Pros of Standard Tablets

Many manufacturers of standard tablets have included USB and SD card connectivity into their devices so that you can continue to share your favorite multimedia with others without any hassle.Most standard tablets are generally lighter than the iPad, which in turn gives you more versatility and allows you to take your tablet on the go with you and even put it into your bag if you desire.


You can usually multitask on some of the higher-performing laptops on the market, so you can listen to music while you are surfing the Internet and composing a document, while the iPad does not allow this versatility.

Cons of Standard Tablets

Many standard tablets only offer front-facing cameras for video-chatting, but they don’t really offer back cameras for taking pictures and videos.There are many games that are available for the PC that are not available for download on tablet PCs. Not to mention, many popular web browsers cannot be downloaded to a tablet computer, and they have no CD or DVD drive utilization on them.

When compared together, it seems like standard tablets come out on top in this competition. Apple is superior to other devices in many ways, but when it comes the performance of its tablet computers, Apple falls a bit short. Indeed, it appears that standard tablets take first prize time and time again.


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