Development Tutorial For Mobile App

If you are planning to jump into mobile devices or tablets development, we have sorted a list of 5 tutorials that will help you kick start your career in web development.


Mobile App

Simple introduction to mobile development

With the tutorials listed at Underworld Magazines especially newbie’s of mobile web development is facilitated to familiarize you with the first practical principles. All tutorials are provided with illustrative source examples.

mobile development


Getting Started with PhoneGap: Twitter and cards

In the tutorial PhoneGap From Scratch: Twitter & maps with source code examples to learn how to debug basically a mobile app or how to integrate a Twitter feed and Google Maps Basics. PhoneGap is an open source toolkit for developing mobile apps with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PhoneGap supports a wide range of mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, webOS, WP7 and Bada.



iOS SDK UIAlertView Embed Class

In this tutorial is explained step by step through source code examples, how about the UIAlertView class customization alert window when Xcode project for iOS created. Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment for developing iPhone apps. The source code for the tutorial is available as a zip archive here.



Standard login Form For Mobile Apps With DHTMLX Touch

DHTMLX Contact is a free JavaScript API for touch manages on cellular phone devices with HTML5. In the guide Build a sign in type for your cellular app with DHTMLX Contact will explain how to incorporate DHTML touch collection, in order then to create a standard sign in type with details for their own cellular phone applications. Tutorial resource program code and trial are also available.



Mobile version of Snake with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript

The tutorial Create a mobile version of Snake with HTML5 canvas and JavaScript introduces how to make the classic game Snake with HTML5 and JavaScript on smartphones. Basics such as processing user input, drawing on the Canvas component, the moving of players and the collision detection are explained here.



Mobile-optimized WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile

How to create a blank template with Blank Theme? Optimized for mobile devices WordPress design. Here the jQuery Mobile framework is used, which provides a modular HTML5 for touch-optimized, mobile layouts and operating components for all major smartphones and tablets.

jquery mobile


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