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Technology That Is Great For Any Phone Today

The smartphone is already a multi-tasking machine that has changed the world forever, but there are a few products on the market that make these devices even better. From finding keys to enjoying arcade games, there is no reason that the smartphone can’t be the center of productivity, entertainment, connectivity, and more. Here are just a handful of devices that could make daily chores and projects easier than ever for those that have a smartphone on hand.


While countless millions use their smartphone for shopping every single day, many are wary about turning their smartphone into a credit and debit card replacement. Geode has become one of the first products that is reliable, easy-to-use, and well protected. This small device attaches to the back of a smartphone and can store information for all financial cards. With a single password and voice commands, users don’t need to remember PINs and reward card numbers, all of which are saved on a highly-encrypted chip.


From keys and wallets to pets and purses, misplacing items or having them simply run off in the case of a pet seems to be a fact of life. With T?d, these problems may be a thing of the past with a simple GPS unit that can connect directly to a smartphone. There are similar devices, but this GPS unit is just the size of a small coin and has amazing precision. It can quickly be slipped into a child’s pocket, clipped onto an animal’s collar, slid into a purse, or even placed in a vehicle for the more forgetful users.

Fling Game Controller

Gaming has become a major component of smartphones and mobile gaming is a fast growing industry. This device clips over the smartphone and provides small joysticks and buttons that keep the screen free of clutter. With a pair of black ear buds, users can tune out the world and turn their smartphone into the ultimate gaming device for long car rides or even the commute to work.


Even the most careful people tend to lose their keys, and the Lockitron is the perfect option for those that keep their smartphones on them at all times. This device is a powerful lock that can be installed on almost any doorway and wireless connects to one’s internet. With a simple interface, users can lock and unlock doors, give access to friends and family, or even get announcements when someone is knocking on the door.

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Awesome Apple iPhone 5S review

A staggeringly fast processor, excellent build quality and a great operating system, what’s not to like?

Review Date: 2 Oct 2013

Price when reviewed: £549


Reviewed By: David Ludlow

iPhone 5S Build Quality:

It’s fair to say that the iPhone 5S isn’t an improvement over the iPhone 5 when it comes to build quality, because its predecessor was so well made. In fact, it’s hard to see where Apple could improve. In our opinion, the iPhone 5S is still the best looking smartphone out there.

iPhone 5S Build Quality

Honestly, it doesn’t feel too small now. Yes, large screen smartphones have their place, but if you want something that’s easier to carry, fits comfortably in your hand and can be slipped into any pocket, then the iPhone 5S is that phone.


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Sony Xperia Z Review

At the beginning of this year, Sony revealed its new flagship phone – the Xperia Z in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. The phone is a culmination of Sony’s expertise in the fields of cameras, televisions and gaming devices. In this review, we’ll taking an in-depth look at each aspect of the Xperia Z.

Sony Xperia Z

Build Quality and Display

On first impressions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the feel and looks of the Sony Xperia Z. It is an extremely well-built phone with a tempered glass-clad body which feels nice and resists scratches and scrapes. The square-shaped design with slightly rounded corners is simplistic, but the real USP is the IP57 certification for dust and water resistance. The Xperia Z can survive up to 30 minutes in 1 meter deep water without suffering any damage and keeps dust from reaching the internal parts.

Quality and Display

With a thickness of just 7.9 millimeters and a weight of 146 grams, the phone can be slipped into your pockets and fits perfectly into your hands. However on the negative side, the glass body is prone to fingerprint smudges and doesn’t offer the best of grips. At the front, you get a 5-inch 1080 x 1920 pixels LCD capacitive touchscreen display, a proximity sensor, ambient sensor, status LED, front-facing camera and the microphone. The Xperia Z doesn’t have any hardware keys for navigation, instead it uses virtual on-screen keys for Back, Home and Menu functions. The back panel is non-removable, so there is no way to access the 2330 mAh battery residing underneath, but you do get a microSD card slot on the left edge of the phone.

Sony Xperia

Like most of the next generation phones, the Sony Xperia Z comes with a 5-inch display featuring a resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels and a 441 ppi pixel density. Needless to say, the picture quality is among the best you’ll find on a smartphone display which makes it brilliant for web browsing and HD video viewing. Also, the screen supports multi-touch of up to 10 fingers and has amazing touch sensitivity.

Sony Xperia


The Sony Xperia Z possesses a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera which has become the standard sensor on flagship smartphones these days. The camera works pretty well in daylight conditions, providing sharp photos and videos instantly. However, it performance is affected a bit in low-light conditions even if when you’re using the LED flash. As far as specifics are concerned, you’ll be able to record full high definition 1080p videos and images of up to 4128 x 3096 pixels.


The phone doesn’t have a dedicated camera key, so you’ll have to rely on the onscreen controls to taking photos. However, there is a Touch Capture feature which can be toggled on and off, allowing users to capture photos by simply tapping anywhere on the display. Also, the volume rocker of the phone can be used for the zoom in and zoom out functions.

The camera interface is easy to use and comes loaded with a host of shooting modes and scenes like Burst Mode, HDR Mode, sweep panorama, fireworks, sports, anti-motion blur, night, pet, snow, party and landscape. You also get filter modes like Partial Color, Nostalgic, Sketch and Fish Eye.


The Sony Xperia Z arrives on shelves with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and a customized user interface. Sony has also released an over-the-air upgrade which will allow users to run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. There are a total of five home screens which can be customized by adding widgets, app shortcuts, etc. and a lock screen which allows users to launch the camera and music player instantly without having to navigate through menus. On the hardware front, the phone brings along a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon Krait processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.


The 2330 mAh non-removable battery of the Xperia Z keeps it running for up to 2 days with normal everyday usage on a single charge. However, you might have to charge the phone more often if you intend to use it for a majority of resource hungry functions like video-watching, web-browsing, video calls, etc. Sony has also included a Stamina Mode feature in the phone’s software which automatically turns off unwanted background apps when the screen is off, thereby improving the performance of the battery.

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The move to quadcore processors isn’t limited to smartphones; it makes even more sense in tablets. Another Chinese dragon, ZTE is lining up a 10.1-inch Android tab with a 1.5GHz quadcore, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. A five-meg camera brings up the rear and the Android Army has a powerful new, Ice Cream Sandwich-running ally.

Price: £TBC, ZTE



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Magnum iPad Stand

A truly original take on the iPad 2 stand, the Magnus rather ingeniously uses super-powerful magnets to give the illusion that the tablet is attached to the base by magic, or perhaps glue. Hewn from a single block of aluminium, and hand-finished to look like a tab extension rather than an accessory, it even works through protective casings. Two hands are recommended for wrenching it from the mount, mind.

Price: $50, tenondesign

Magnum iPad Stand Magnum iPad Stand Magnum iPad Stand Magnum iPad Stand Magnum iPad Stand Magnum iPad Stand Magnum iPad Stand

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You can’t seem to swing a cat this month without it smashing into something Windows 8-based, as Microsoft’s multi-format operating system breaks cover on October 26. Not to be outdone by its many tile-based rivals, HTC has a new Windows Phone 8 handset on the way, and very nice it is, too. The Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual core processor means plenty of speedy scrolling and the 720p HD 4.3-inch display boasts an impressive 341ppi. Of course, Dr Dre’s Beats Audio makes an appearance, there’s an eight-meg cam and it comes in brightly coloured varieties – a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

Price: £TBC |



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Huawei Ascend D2

After the P1 S and D Quad handsets made a good impression in 2012, Huawei has served up a quadcore smartphone with plenty to get excited about. Sporting a 5-inch Super Retina IPS display you can expect up to 1920 x 1080p resolution and 443 PPI for impressive levels of clarity. Running on Android 4.1, the 9-9mm thin D2 packs a 1.5 GHz quadcore processor and there’s a 13-Megapixel camera that features manual colour temperature adjustment to help you take those stellar snaps. All of that is wrapped up in a curved aluminium body that sadly at the moment will only be available in China.

Watch our hands-on with the Huawei Ascend D2 below.

Huawei Ascend D2 Huawei Ascend D2 Huawei Ascend D2

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Samsung Game Pad

Want to turn your Galaxy S4 into something not a billion miles away from a PS Vita? Try the Game Pad. Running on AA batteries, it connects via Bluetooth and offers gaming controls, visibly “infl uenced by” the Xbox, for 80 games at launch. Dual analogue sticks, shoulder triggers, a D-pad and four action buttons give you much improved control over all the increasingly sophisticated games Android has to offer, although it is maybe a bit over-engineered for Temple Run. A clip holds the phone in place and will fi t previous and future Galaxy devices running on Android 4.2 or higher.

Price: £90 | Samsung

Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad Samsung Game Pad

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August 2013: BlackBerry Q5

Canada’s number one smartphone brand is back with another BB10 handset, this time aimed more at the budget-conscious market than the more luxurious Q10and Z10. The cute-looking Q5has a QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1-inch, 720×720 display, albeit LCD rather than AMOLED.

Internals include a 1.2GHz dualcore processor, a meaty 2GB of RAM, a five-meg camera and 8GB of storage, which you may increase at will via microSD. The2,100mAh battery should get you through the day, given the relatively undemanding processor. Contract pricing, as ever, will be key to its success (or lack of it).

Price: £TBC | BlackBerry | Out July

BlackBerry Q5 BlackBerry Q5 BlackBerry Q5 BlackBerry Q5 BlackBerry Q5

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Awesome Nokia Kinetic

British designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins thinks he has painted the future of Nokia with the handset that is all about movement. The sizeable posterior contains an electro-magnet and holds a camera Themagnet moves, shifting the weight distribution and allowing the phone to effectively ‘stand up’ on itsown. This allows for a rather novel way to interact with the phone, to reject a call, you simply tap thephone and it will retreat back to its original position.

Designer: Jeremy Innes-Hopkins

Nokia Kinetic Nokia Kinetic Nokia Kinetic Nokia Kinetic Nokia Kinetic