Handpicked jQuery SlideShow Plugins

No showcase website is complete without a slideshow and no slideshow is complete with jQuery. Gone are the days when flash was considered as ultimate choice for this purpose for its cool and smooth transaction affects. I have gone through and used 100s of plugins during past years and sharing with you collection. These are handpicked jQuery slideshow plugins that I use in my projects. Each plugin is listed with a demo link so that you can try the plugin on the fly.


1:  Responsive jQuery Flip Book with Touch Support

This amazing flip-book is 100% jQuery based with smooth transitions and sliding affects. Since jQuery is included with word-press you will experience very fast loading.  It will work perfect on monitors and handheld devices of all sizes, and since it is touch friendly your users will will enjoy flipping through your online books.
Responsive jQuery Flip Book with Touch Support



2:  jQuery Infinite Scrolling Plugin Showcase

Your users will love the easy and ajax loading of your website contents, it is a must have for any blog that features long posts or large number of images on single page. Powered with built-in browser cache, infinite scrolling plugin will keep loading the content as users scroll down the page.


 jQuery Infinite Scrolling Plugin Showcase



 3: Easy Scroll

An other ajax scrolling plugin for long pages. If you are a developer, you have a ready made ajax lazy loader that you can integrate in your themes. simply your work and save your precious time. with a very long range of parameters it can be be adopted in any type of design and coding.
Easy Scroll



4: Memorable jQuery Timeline Plugins

Looking for a time sensitive carousel  for your new WordPress header, or just making a presentation in WordPress post or pages? TimeLiner is just made for you then. It is an awesome jQuery plugin that can be used to create presentations and slideshows with a cooling looking animated timeline. It also offers pause and start functions for live presentations.

 Memorable jQuery Slide Plugin with Timeline



5: 3D jQuery SlideShow Plugin

This 3D Carousel will add 3D effect to your carousel in no time. The good think about 3D carousel is that it let you see all the images and give options to jump to any one. The 3D eye candy keeps the visitors engaged.

3D jQuery SlideShow Plugin



6: CSS Slider – Simple But Elegent jQuery Slider Plugin

CCSlider is powerful, unique, versatile and option filled jQuery slideshow plugin. It have a long options lists that makes it the first choice for many WordPress developers.

CSS Slider supports

    • 3D transactions with 14 awsome transactions.
    • It also comes with 16 smooth 2D transactions (oh yes! that’s why we called it versatile)
    • HTML 5 based with fallback support
    • Control number of slices for 3d effects.
    • Control delay between individual slices.
    • Control custom transition for each of the slide
    • Each slide with different caption and position.
    • Fully responsive and works on all devices and screen sizes.
    • Touch screen freindly and works on both iOS and Android.
    • Strong Slideshow API with easy to call parameters.


CSS Slider - Simple But Elegent jQuery Slider Plugin



7: jQuery Menu Plugin

This is an excelent example of sensible plugin coding. Install this plugin and you have a decent touch ready menu. Features your products in your menu, say good bye to old text based menus. options include showing following as part of your new jQuery Menu, and as you can see options are unlimited.

  • Embed videos 
  • Embed Images with text
  • Embed forms

jQuery Menu Plugin


8: One Cool jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

JQZoom is the ultimate choice for showing smoth magnified images. JQZoom is built on top of famous  jQuery javascript framework jQzoom. It is amazingly easy to install and start using this plugin.




9: Virtual Tour plugin with jQuery

show virtual tour to your visitors of your shop or showroom. A few hours of work to create an amazing virtual tour. The good thing about jQuery virtual tour is that it works even if JavaScript is disabled.

Virtual Tour plugin with jQuery


10: jQuery Overlay Plugin

With Lightview you can change the way you overlay content, this is not an old school overlay plugin.

Light view



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