What to look for in best antivirus protection?

There are more than 100 different kinds of malware threats on a daily basis that can spoil and corrupt your computer or laptop in a few seconds. To ensure that your computer and laptop is protected 6475

Samsugn Galaxy Note 3 Gear Plus Review

Atlast Samsung revealed its Note 3 in October. The latest Galaxy Note 3 comprises of much bigger and high resolution screen , powerful processor, 13 megapixel camera and it’s tricky stylus.  I think that, it is a good addition in samsung’s smart family. Without wasting your any time lets move towards

Technology That Is Great For Any Phone Today

The smartphone is already a multi-tasking machine that has changed the world forever, but there are a few products on the market that make these devices even better. From finding keys to enjoying arcade games, there is no reason that the smartphone can’t be the center of productivity, entertainment, connectivity,

MacBook Air 2013

When it first launched, the MacBook Air was the classiest, most portable laptop around, its aluminium casing making it stand out for weight and looks. It often drew gasps when people picked it up for the first time. Now, in a world of ultrabooks and tablets, it needs to prove itself

Awesome Apple iPhone 5S review

A staggeringly fast processor, excellent build quality and a great operating system, what's not to like? Review Date: 2 Oct 2013 Price when reviewed: £549 Supplier: http://www.apple.com Reviewed By: David Ludlow iPhone 5S Build Quality: It's fair to say that the iPhone 5S isn't an improvement over the iPhone 5 when it comes to build quality, because its predecessor was so

Sony Xperia Z Review

At the beginning of this year, Sony revealed its new flagship phone - the Xperia Z in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. The phone is a culmination of Sony's expertise in the fields of cameras, televisions and gaming devices. In this review, we’ll taking an in-depth

KNG Andrew mp3 Player

This 40w “Space Invader” Plays music via 3.5mm or SD card and looks not-quite-actionable similar to an Android logo. Expect four hours until you are charging it back up via USB. Price: £30 |

Aves Bluetooth Portable Speaker

You'll get approximately six hours playback from this 3W speaker - not bad considering it's only 10cm in diameter and just over 5cm high. It'll also double as a replacement hockey puck if you fancy getting out on the ice this christmas. if you like my this post you may

Pico Genie P100

This CD case-sized LED projector turns your smartphone into a cinema via the magic of HDMI. The projector has a brightness of 85 lumens and projects at 480p for up to two hours on a single battery charge. Do you like the things i share, please saw rest of my shares

Bladepad for iPhone 5

Stylish Apple accessory designed for gamers who like to play on-the-go. Includes low-latency gaming controller that slides out when needed with illuminated joysticks and buttons. Additional charging power cable allows you to charge your iPhone/iPad whilst playing so you won’t have to fear your battery’s demise. Price: £84 | Bladepad