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Nokia-X short review


Nokia X is the first smartphone of its type.In this phone Nokia present android in its unique style. Hearts of many people just broke with the announcement of Nokia X.It is not the typical android device. Nokia and Microsoft together work very hard to make this to look like Lumia phones so you’ll not experience pure Android experience.The main aim behind Nokia X is to provide consumers with apps and features of android  on Nokia’s phone.

 Nokia X falls in the catrgory  of budget phones pricing $130.Quite impressive.

Fast Lane:


Fast lane is actually keeps the record of everything you do on your Nokia x.Benefit of fastlane is that you can do multi tasking with the apps you recently used.

Design and Display:

nokia-X (1)

It’s look and feel is better than any other phone in market with same price tag.
When we see its body we find few buttons on its right side including power button,micro USB at bottom,3MP camera on its back with no led flash light.Corners are not so sharp.

When we consider its display we found low resolution display but with fascinating color.You can easily customize your home screen changing tiles size,position etc.
It’s resolution is not as bad as been considered due to low resolution.Its viewing angles are great


You can’t create experience You must undergo it


Lets hava a look on its specs

icons_hires_specs Specification:


Display:                      4inch WVGA IPS display
Display feature:   Brightness control, Tactile feedback, Orientation sensor, Nokia Glance screen, Screen double tap, Wide viewing angle

Processor:                 1 GHz dual core

Height:                        115.5 mm

Width:                         63 mm

Thickness:               10.4 mm

Weight:                      128.7 g

Camera:                3 MP

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