Importing Contacts Into Salesforce: An Overview


When using Salesforce, you are going to have to perform a data important at some point in time. Whether you plan to import a new list of clients or important historical data from an old system, you may find it difficult if you are not familiar with this interface. In fact, you must figure out a way to get that particular data into Salesforce without having to enter each entry by hand. This article highlights important factors to consider when importing contacts into Salesforce.

Tips About Importing Contacts Into Salesforce


There are many things to consider when performing such a data import. Hence, it is best that you have knowledge about all of these options for importing contacts into Salesforce before you begin to import hundreds of new records into your database. There are quite a number of tools that can be used to import data into the software. Each of these methods has different considerations such as which objects you can import and the number of records you can insert. First, we will look at a side by side comparison of some of the main tools that will be helpful in this regard. The software offers three major methods of importing data into it. They are the Apex Data Loader, the object-specific import wizards, and the Unified Data Import Wizard. The import wizard is generally more user-friendly and intuitive compared to the data loader. Most people would prefer using this method unless they need to import data into an object that is not supported by the import wizard. Also, if you have to load more than 50,000 records at a time, you will have to use the data loader instead of the import wizard.


In fact, the data loader is quite limited in its ability to prevent duplicate entries while importing data. This makes it a bit riskier to use unless you are importing contacts into salesforce using your Salesforce ID. There are also a number of third-party tools to import data into the software. Search the net for such third-party tools and you will come across a number of effective tools for this purpose. Some of these tools connect certain apps to the software. Some of them are general data loaders which are more robust compared to the inbuilt tools in the software. Act-On and PeopleImport are two of the most effective third-party data import tools that can be used with Salesforce.


You need a CSV file of your data if you are going to use any of the data import tools for importing contacts into salesforce. Once you have an idea of what type of data you have and what objects it corresponds to, take an inventory of the column headers and fields in your source data. Also, take note of the fields available to you in the software on the objects that you are planning to import data into. These are very important factors to consider when planning to import contacts into the software.


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