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First steps of building your social media image

Before starting an online adventure for your company,  you need to think carefully about the effective uses of the social networks and how they can help to improve your business image. The social netwroks generate high repercussion benefits with low cost, however,  their misuse can involve an online crisis, damage

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How to Optimise your Website for Local SEO

When articles discuss SEO, the local sphere is often left somewhere in the realms of imagination and extrapolation; after all, surely a holistic description of three things to do right now to your SEO setup applies to local results too? Well, of course, but there are certain caveats that are

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How to Customise Your SharePoint Website

SharePoint is a suite of products created by Microsoft and can be used to create sophisticated websites and online collaboration services. SharePoint’s best feature is that it supports rapid deployment and development. However, this feature can be considered a downside because the SharePoint framework is quite distinctive.

It’s all too common

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Reasons you should start using Google Plus

When Google Plus first appeared on the scene, we understand you being skeptical about signing up as the site just did not have the masses that Facebook and Twitter did. And right then, another social network was the last thing that you needed. A couple of years have passed, and

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