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Pico Genie P100

This CD case-sized LED projector turns your smartphone into a cinema via the magic of HDMI. The projector has a brightness of 85 lumens and projects at 480p for up to two hours on a single battery charge. Do you like the things i share, please saw rest of my shares

Nikon D7100 For A Professional Edge

Those who want to take good professional-quality photos will need to look into what the Nikon D7100 has to offer. With many different features, some of which are quite new and exciting, this camera is certainly worth considering for anyone who wants to step up their photography skills. One of

HTC Phones – Interface and Apps

The Taiwanese smartphone company HTC is the pioneer company to offer the first Android and first Windows 7 smartphones. It offers a wide range of devices for both platforms. HTC handsets are available with multimedia features and business features. They offer the best quality cameras and music players along with

Mobile Application Developers are Highly Talented and Skilled

Mobile phones have become the most important gadgets for the people in the present market. There are different Smartphone available in the market which is making use of the varieties of operating systems. You will come across with Blackberry phones, iPhones and Android are some of the popular applications. Mobile application