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Toshiba Portege Z10t

Tablet or laptop? Lablet? Taptop? Quit your arguing, guys: this Windows 8 Pro Toshiba is the latest hybrid device offering a bit of both. Rip the detachable, full-HD, 11.6-inch touchscreen tablet from the splash-resistant keyboard dock and input switches from backlit keys to ten-fi nger multi-touch accordingly. An Intel Core

Sony Cyber-shot HX50

Go on, take a closer look; this is the first compact camera to feature a 30x optical zoom. Not content with above-average eyesight, it also includes tech borrowed from Sony’s high-end RX range, including a 20.4-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor and Wi-Fi for uploading your long-lens shots of Prince Harry

Recon Instruments Jet

While Google Glass is wearable tech for the catwalk, Recon’s Android-based, outdoorsy rival, the Jet, has been built for wrestling alligators and then tweeting about it. A tiny HD display is located in the bottom right-hand corner and an HD camera is up front, while an accelerometer, thermometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,

Awesome Nokia Kinetic

British designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins thinks he has painted the future of Nokia with the handset that is all about movement. The sizeable posterior contains an electro-magnet and holds a camera Themagnet moves, shifting the weight distribution and allowing the phone to effectively 'stand up' on itsown. This allows for a

Scan Board Portable Scanner

A portable scanner that allows you to take it to the book, rather than the other way round. The concept is simple: just pop the clear display over the page, snap a scan of the text and then upload it to the computer via USB. The actual business of scanning

Concept of Digimo Camera

Capturing expertly shot scenic shots from all angles should be a breeze with this concept that combines multiple cameras which can be positioned anywhere to allow photographers to take snaps wirelessly from a distance. Designer: Sangik Lee

MacBook 2020

We know that the Cupertino company likes to refresh its MacBook line pretty much every year, but we may have to wait some time for one to turn up looking like this. This vision of the Mac future suggests a paper thin build, tactile feedback, 3D scanning and absolutely no

ABC Keyboard

This all touchscreen keyboard can be customized to work with any language and can change colour if the glossy black finish isn't really your colour. The ABC keyboard also caters for left handed typers and would have built-in memory to keep your docs, pictures and video easily accessible. Designer: Iaroslav Neliubov

D-Can Camera

Designer Jean-Michel Bonnemoy believes that modern camera designs are out-dated. Traditionally, camera form factors were dictated by the need to include a roll of film in the back. Nowadays that is obviously not the case, so why do cameras still retain a traditional form factor? The D-Can is cylindrical, designed for

Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil LCD Watch

the Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil LCD Watch looks like an unfathomable mess of dots and lines. Look closer. It's not the lines and dots that tell you the time, but the space around them. Get it? Once you get used to how the watch works, it's remarkably simply to read, and very