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Technology That Is Great For Any Phone Today

The smartphone is already a multi-tasking machine that has changed the world forever, but there are a few products on the market that make these devices even better. From finding keys to enjoying arcade games, there is no reason that the smartphone can’t be the center of productivity, entertainment, connectivity,

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (DW Star rating: 4/5)

Love: Gorgeous clear screen,  light portable design and Touchwiz 4.0. Hate: Price, no HDMI or USB ports and poor sound performance. DW Says: Another fantastic Samsung tablet that surpasses its 10.1-inch compatriot (albeit with a bigger price tag) and is a great alternative to the new iPad. Price: £360 (16GB), £450 (32GB) I

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The original, 5.3-inch Note caused much debate: was it a giant smartphone or a dwarf tablet? Sharing the limelight with the many Galaxy Tabs, Samsung’s second Note has a more substantial, 10.1-inch screen. The S-Pen stylus and proprietary S-Note software allow for creative doodling, but now on a bigger scale,

Magnum iPad Stand

A truly original take on the iPad 2 stand, the Magnus rather ingeniously uses super-powerful magnets to give the illusion that the tablet is attached to the base by magic, or perhaps glue. Hewn from a single block of aluminium, and hand-finished to look like a tab extension rather than

Union Folding Cycle

Folding bikes may be practical, but let’s face it: lugging one around on public transport is a pain. That’s why this stunning concept from Taiwanese design students Weiche Wu and Minhan Lin is so appealing. Rather than collapsing into a metal frame that magnetically attracts fellow commuters’ ankles, it folds

Sony Xperia Tablet

Sony is planning a comeback. Yes, another one. Along with new phones and TVs, the Japanese giant is having another stab at tablets after last year’s moderately successful P and S. The all new, though not very newly named Xperia Tablet S boasts a 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 backed by

BMW M Chronograph Watch

If you can’t quite stretch to the £55,000 required for BMW’s latest M3 Coupe, you might consider this, which is not only a lot more affordable, but can also sit on your wrist without crushing it to a bloodied pulp. Made of brushed, stainless steel it proudly boasts a laser-engraved

Withings Smart Activity Tracker

Having already covered baby and weight monitoring, Withings looks set to take on Fitbit with its Smart Activity Tracker that aims to get you fit in 2013. The pocket-friendly device counts steps, calories and sleep quality but can also measure your pulse and differentiate between the intensity of physical activity.

Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Soundbar

Taking care of your home surround sound setup, the sleek looking speaker can blast virtual surround sound and 5.1 channel surround sound automatically as soon as you detach the additional wireless speakers. With a wireless subwoofer also in tow, you can expect an impressively rich audio performance that we have

Sony Bravia X9000A

This 65-inch slab of pure premium is the embodiment of Sony’s new design philosophy – a huge bezel-less sheet of glass with super-thin magnetic fluid speakers on either side. With an actual resolution of 3840 x 2160, this is the flagship for Sony’s 4K range boasting passive 3D, and upscaling