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Apple’s iPhone 6 Leaked Images, Rumors, Concept Phones & Release Dates


updated: 28 feb. 2014

We are making this post to serve as a center point of all iPhone concept images, rumors, predictions. So bookmark this post for all updates on our favorite iPhone six.

You can find a big gallery of all iPhone 6 leaked images in the end of post.

The world has developed a romance with iPhone. No romance goes without rumors and that is true for iPhone. Rumors are in the air about Apple’s new product in Smartphone category. Will it be iPhone6 (Most probably)? Will it have a curved body? Will it have bigger screen? Why Apple has bought up the sapphire glass? Whether it will be called iPhone or something else? When next iPhone will be touching the shelves?

Around this plethora of rumors, we have developed a series of articles to apprise you about every new rumor, mock or leaked image about Apple’s next BIG THiNG. Well, as the rumor goes, there is no smoke without a fire, we do not exert that everything we report is true. We can however give you idea about its plausibility.

The fingers around the world are still fondling with the smoothness of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Officially Apple has not announced any thing the mouth watering rumors at the cyber highway are exciting the users to think about the new thing from Apple.

Predictions about Apple’s Next iPhone 6

Well, it is an open secret that Apple is a secretive company for sure. There is however signs of few peepholes in the company during Tim Cook.

The press announcements of 10 September were already predicted. Several of predictions made around the press event were busted; few were true to the extent that they were not a surprise for iPhone rumor lovers. At least rumors were true about fingerprint sensor. So credit goes to Apple where software and hardware engineers are working together under Sir Jony Ive.
This is in contrast to the release of first iPhone, when half of the team was unaware about the interface of the device. We have also done a post on iphone 6 leaked photos about two weeks ago, which turned to be the concept.

iPhone 6 Release Date?

Well the rumor goes that Apple take one year to refresh its device, so iPhone6 is more likely to be released in 2014. The logic given is that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were released in September 2013 and were on the shelves after 10 days. The iphone lovers however are predicting any such exciting news less than September. They are expecting it at company’s annual WWDC in June.
Join this rumor with the statement of Morgan Stanley last year in November. She said that she expects multiple iPhone refreshes every year. Digi Times has already reported a bigger iPhone in May 2014. That leaves us speculating about March or September.

Iphone 6 in Ginza, Japan

Apple fan and blogger was in front of apple store to buy iPhone 6, he had to leave after knowing there are seven months to go.

This may help several iPhone lovers around the world not to walk into the footsteps of Japanese iPhone lover. The guy actually appeared in Apple Store in Ginza for next iPhone 6. He was hardly made believe that he has to wait for at least 7 or so months.


New iPhone 6 with bigger Sapphire glass display

While complaining about Apple to Gigaom, Mark Shuttleworth, the found of Canonical, said that apple has purchased sapphire screens for three years supply. We needed that sapphire screens for Edge.

It is in the air that Apple spent $578 million to speed up its process of getting sapphire glass display. You could have witnessed it on iPhone 5s’ Touch ID Home button, and its rear camera. The manufacturers say it is more durable than Gorilla Glass and virtually scratch free.

According to some recently published (leaked) documents, Apple and GT are on their way to open a sapphire production plant in Arizona where critical subcomponent of the future Apple device will be produced. The project Cascade will involve in high tech manufacturing. Well, it also could be a part of Apple’s rumored iWatch.

This is compounded with Tom Cook’s recent interview with ABC News, where he confirmed that Arizona plant is for sapphire glass. He however kept the use of material secret (as usual).

The best thing about this rumor is according to Korea Herald, Apple may consider removing bezel from the next phone to dive it a complete sapphire display.

Some of these iPhone leaked images have already been proven to be faked. As we wanted to make the largest collection of iPhone leaked images here, so here it is. If we missed an image please give us a tip here


[tps_footer]This iPhone’s 6 concept include a 10-megapixel camera with 4K & 500 fps videos recording modes, a Lightning 2 connector that’s 10 times faster at data transfers & battery charging, and bigger stereo speakers / microphones.

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